Friday, July 19, 2019

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by Kat Gomez-Limchoc I have always told my teams to be mindful about filling their creative wells, so that they have constant sources of inspiration...

More badass than bombshell: Katheryn Winnick loves being a Viking

MANILA – Let's get this out of the way already. Yes, Katheryn Winnick is very attractive. Blonde, blue-eyed, and looking every bit the Viking...

Lucille Tenazas is a Class of Her Own

Interview and Words by Mikhail Lecaros Photos of artwork courtesy of Lucille Tenazas When it comes to the work of Lucille Tenazas, one is immediately stricken...

Lights, Camera, Magic! Aids Tecson’s Photographic Expedition to Shoot the Northern Lights

Words and photos by Aids Tecson When was the last time you saw something that truly took your breath away?  We’ve all been there — physically...

It’s Not Just About Gender: A Broader Problem Behind Gender Diversity

Words by Mark Tungate Illustration by Cha Pornea Women are trending. Over the past year or so, websites and magazines – including this one – have...

The Creative Economy Gay Index: Why Tolerant Cities Attract Creative People

Words by Paolo Mercado Illustration by Glendfort Lumbao In the small circle of experts comprising the field of creative economy, Richard Florida is one of the...

A Guide on How Aspiring Senators Can Campaign for Themselves Online in 2019

Words by Carlo Ople Illustration by Jericho Louise Clemente 2016 was “digital practice and experimentation” for political operators and campaign managers. The gloves come off this...

Badly-Written Haikus by A.I.

Words by Ibba Rasul Bernardo Illustration by Claudine Quintela There are two types of people in the world. Those brilliant people that used T9 a.k.a. predictive...

Gunn Report highlights the world’s most creative ad campaigns and the companies behind them

Words by Leo Balante and Harriet Icay The Gunn Report has revealed its annual rankings of the world’s most creative advertising campaigns and the companies that...

The key to adidas’ success

by Theda Braddock In the past few years, adidas has no doubt been a source of envy to brand managers everywhere. The group’s hit campaign...

Esports is a tricky business – How brands should jump on the Esports bandwagon

  by Theda Braddock A few years ago E-sports exploded onto the marketing scene, presenting a whole new opportunity for brands, one that has enormous potential,...

What David Droga taught me at Cannes Lions

by Nino Jose Gonzales, copywriter at BBDO Guerrero In an industry where greatness is lauded by peers, David Droga finds value in humility: ‘Assume nothing,...

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