From the best writer to best cover artist, let’s take a look at some of the best comic book creatives in 2022

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — 2022 was yet another enjoyable year for comic books thanks to the vast array of talented creators and their contributions. After much deliberation, here’s who adobo Magazine decided were the best in 2022:

Best Writer – Chip Zdarsky: With his gift for compelling dialogue and stunning plot developments, Chip was the industry’s go-to writer. Marvel made him the maestro for the Devil’s Reign event and let him relaunch Daredevil again! DC gave him the keys to its flagship title Batman. Plus, he demonstrated his versatile range in genre with the crime noir Newburn and comedic drama Public Domain. He was ubiquitous in 2022.


Best Artist – J.H. Williams III: It’s been seven years since we last saw J.H. Williams III on a major project and this year’s debut of his new fantasy title, Echolands, was well worth the wait. His formidable talent in innovative sequential storytelling and versatility to shift to any art style has even gotten better with time. It helps that Echolands’ landscape format plays a substantial contribution, allowing him to get more creative with aspects of his art that have become a part of his signature style.

Best Colorist – David Stewart: A long-time collaborator on J.H. Williams III projects, David continues that dynamic partnership on Echolands. The work he does here is nothing short of astounding, reminding us that coloring is an art form in itself. Echolands is a massive melting pot of genres and David takes it all in stride by giving each character and scene the vibe to serve the story without washing anything out.

Best Letterer – Todd Klein: He’s a 45-year veteran in the field and he shows no signs of stopping. Known for his work on Sandman and other Neil Gaiman comic books, that association continues with the long-awaited Miracleman: The Silver Age series. The best letterers are the ones whose speech balloons and captions only draw attention to themselves when a reader analyses a comic book’s elements; that’s what Todd does best, conveying characterization and storytelling with pinpoint subtlety.

Best Cover Artist – Mark Buckingham: Similar to Dave McKean, Mark’s covers on Miracleman The Silver Age use a mix of traditional pencil and ink along with oil paint, watercolors, and photography. It all comes together for the proverbial whole being greater than the sum of its parts, making it a statement that this book is a game-changer for the superhero genre.

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