Agency defaces broadsheet for RP Indies

    PHILIPPINES – JUNE 16, 2011 – RP Independence Day may have come and gone, but not the buzz over the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s shocking June 12 false cover. Crafted by Amon+Maneze Partners Ad Agency (AMP), the classy but obvious dig on oppression and censorship caught the eye of many broadsheet readers–a number of whom immediately took their reactions to the web, notably on Twitter. 
    The two-page front and back ad for PDI featured headlines and stories that were blacked out by ink, as well as a call to action for Filipinos to stand strong in the face of modern-day oppression. “The inspiration was the occasion. We wanted a material that stood for bravery, freedom and an independent mind. We also wanted to do something that would guarantee attention, so we decided to deface a broadsheet’s front page,” shares John Amon, CEO & Chief Creative Officer of AMP. 
    PDI’s VP for Advertising hints at another creative execution coming to the paper very soon.
    Agency: Amon+Maneze Partners
    Creatives: John Amon. Mike Calvan, EJ Dimaano
    Accounts: Jun Maneze