Campaign Spotlight: Sweetshop’s Simon Cracknell Directs New Film For Great Eastern From BLKJ


    Sweetshop Director Simon Cracknell is behind a poignant film for
    Great Eastern from creative agency BLKJ.

    The film reinforces the notion that in isolation being a caregiver is hard. It’s
    exasperating. It’s exhausting. In the second set of sequences of the film, those same
    events are reframed and show the other side of the coin. There’s laughter. There’s
    joy. There’s a real, connected and loving relationship driving this story.

    The look and feel of the film is defined by a cinematic aesthetic of heightened reality.
    By approaching the film craft cinematically, capturing performances that feel
    intimate, light-hearted and deeply human, the film and its message is richly
    immersive, empathetic and powerful.

    “We approached Simon and Sweetshop to give us something very real. Something
    that would really strike a chord with the caregiver; not just in terms of scenarios, but
    especially in terms of the emotional journey. Credit to them, I think they delivered
    , said Rowena Bhagchandani, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of BLKJ.

    Simon added, “BLKJ handed me a beautiful script. It contains a powerful sentiment
    that captures the frustrations and struggles of being a caregiver for your elderly
    parents, but also its surprises and rewards.”


    Client: Great Eastern
    Agency: BLKJ
    Founder / CEO: Rowena Bhagchandani
    Founder / ECD: Joji Jacob
    Associate Creative Director: Sid Lim
    Creative Group Head: Michael Chin
    Writer: Lina Lim
    Senior Account Director: Anna Adipue
    Account Manager: Bon Koh
    Senior Account Executive: Tracy Ong
    Producer: Jaye Ong
    Producer: Hidayah Asari
    Production Company: Sweetshop

    Director: Simon Cracknell
    Managing Director & Executive Producer: Laura Geagea
    Producer: Irene Gan