Campaign Spotlight: The D.E.A.F Album, The Album That Has No Sound But Is Making A Lot Of Noise


    Today, in France, 9 out of 10 deaf children are equipped with hearing aids to improve communication. However, these devices only allow them to hear voices… not music.

    What a pity, in a digital world where music has never been so accessible.

    Damien Quintard, 27 years old, is a sound engineer and founder of The Mono Company and Sound X. Passionate about sound science and physics, he obtained an EMMY AWARD in 2015, at only 23, for the opening ceremony of the Baku Olympic Games.

    For a long time, he has been aware of disabilities and has always wanted to be able to put his skills at the service of people with disabilities.

    Thanks to INJS, Damien Quintard works directly with young deaf people and deaf professionals to understand their problems. Together, they are developing a system that will allow deaf people to feel sound frequencies through vibration.

    “Ultimately, the goal is to prepare the rooms to welcome any person with a disability, to make music as inclusive as possible” – Damien Quintard.

    To finance this project, the National Institute of Young Deaf People of Paris (INJS) has chosen the artistic road by launching: the “D.E.A.F.” album. The more you listen to nothing, the more you donate. The album is composed of 7 empty tracks, full of meaning. Available on SPOTIFY, each time the album is played, the revenue of the streaming will be donated to support this research.

    An album without sound, that has made a lot of noise!

    A virtuous circle:
    The more the album is played, the more visibility it gains.
    The more the album is played, the more donations it generates.
    The more the album is played, the more rooms will be equipped.
    The D.E.A.F album,

    A completely free donation campaign on Spotify.

    How to use the album properly?
    When should we play the album?

    – When we don’t listen to anything
    – When we’re going to bed
    – When we’re in class
    – When we’re in a meeting
    – When we’re watching a movie
    – When we’re in a restaurant
    – When we’re reading a novel

    1 Press on the loop button
    2 Press mutes, even if the tracks have no sound.

    Your phone, computer or tablet is able to send notifications
    N.B. Create your own Spotify account if you don’t have one.