Lowe Malaysia, NCSM launch young women’s breast cancer awareness TVC


    ASIA-PACIFIC – MALAYSIA, JANUARY 16, 2013 – Breast cancer is something that affects women of all ages. With the aim of talking to young women, the National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM) commissioned Lowe Malaysia to create a TV spot. The film will be aired on nationwide television starting January 17 on 8TV and NTV7, as well as shared across social media via YouTube.

    The film, without dialogue, features a young woman getting dressed for a party. She enhances her breasts using tissues, but the reality of her seemingly attention-seeking nature is soon revealed, communicating to the audience that even young women and girls should be aware of the dangers of breast cancer, and check regularly from an early age.  
    Commenting on the issue, Clare Ratnasingham, vice president at NCSM said:  “To young women, breast cancer is something they would only worry about in their 40s. But statistics reveal that the disease is now affecting young girls just past their teens. The numbers are small at present, but it won’t be long before they rise. What girls don’t know is that if they start checking early, they can reduce the risk of getting this disease in the future.”
     “The film creates a stark contrast between what we see as a fun, young scene – and a potential reality. It aims to stop young women in their tracks and make them think about looking after themselves. By raising awareness like this, people like NSCM help save lives. We’ve been very happy to work with them on this worthwhile message,” Mazuin Zin, managing director at Lowe Malaysia added.

    ECD: Brandie Tan
    Writer: Ramanjit Singh Gulati/Brandie Tan
    Art Director: Brandie Tan/Gelo Lico
    Agency Producer: Noelle Goh
    Production House: Superwonderful Films
    Director: Al Isaac
    Director: Tan Hyon Le
    Exec. Producer: Sunita Petrus
    Ass Exec Producers: Charlotte Yeo, Diana Tang
    Prod Assistants: Ong May Lyn, Mallory Lee
    Make up: Ho Mei Ji
    Location: Goh Wai Foo
    Art Director: Loke Yiek Meng
    Art Assitant: Jared Wai Kah Lin
    DOP: Eric Oh Hsien Liang
    Post Production: TigerTiger
    Post Producer: Vanita
    Audio house: Add Audio
    Sound Engineer: Rodney Thomas