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Indie agency, IXM, implements “Love Life Benefits” for employees

MANILA – The reigning Southeast Asia Independent Agency Of The Year, Philippines, this year provided its employees the following employee benefits and privileges:

1. Reimbursable date expenses with spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend
2. Subsidized Tinder and eHarmony accounts
3. Breakup Leave
4. Free MTRCB movie access
5. IXM to shoulder wedding reception costs

(Pictured above: One of IXM’s Account Supervisors enjoying her Breakup Leave)


“Sure, there is growing concern about the advertising industry being love-life-unfriendly”. IXM CEO Third Domingo explains. “But this move is also, and ultimately, for the benefit of the company. I need the members of the organization to go out there more and get inspired. A stagnant life in general, not just in love life, take note, is an unproductive life. This is the same reason why we as a group get involved with several CSR activities for social good, fully supported by our own profits.”

IXM creative couple Vinch & Ady Bud-oy with son Gael

The company in an unprecedented move also recently gave life investment plans to all its qualified employees, all paid for by IXM.

“We have free lunch. We have free fitness training. Free access to all kinds of skill-enhancing programs and seminars. Subsidized medical vaccinations. Almost free use of the company cars. Subsidized housing.” IXM HR Manager Lissa David enumerates. “But I think the best and biggest company benefit so far that we have conceptualized and put into effect is our so-called Love Life Benefits. Of course there will be policies in place to avoid abuse.”

IXM is now a 40-strong agency organization serving Creative Engineering to clients such as Toyota, PNB, SMDC, 3M, Pepsi, PhilStar, Burlington, Vibelle, Wellmade, ABI, and GNC.

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