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Angel V. Guerrero

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Creative Director
Chaz Requiña

Head of Design
Sam Macaisa

Freelance Art Director
Jether Dane Guadalupe

Graphic Designer
Vnita Sohal

Senior Multimedia Artist
Jojo Llamanzares

Multimedia Creative
Mohd Sarajan

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Managing Editor
Julian Carlos Cirineo

Editorial Coordinator
Niña Angelica Venus

Multimedia Producer
Arthel Tagnipez

Digital Content Writer
Pauline Nacar

Editorial Assistant
Camille Ong

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Head of Business & Sales
Valerie Fischer

Senior Marketing Manager
Kriscel Santoyo

Marketing Officer
Christine Villamor

Business Development Officer
Daniel Garcia

Creative Hub Manager
Samantha Zarandin

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Finance Consultant
Ellen Macanas

Finance Officers
Elsa Galamgam
Muko Camille Boso

Human Resources & Admin Officer
Rosalinda Zafra

Liaison Officers
Michael Barcelon
Alan Agcaoili


With the media landscape constantly changing and evolving, it can be difficult to keep track of everything taking place.

Thankfully, there’s adobo.

Since its founding fourteen years ago, adobo’s various award-winning platforms have distinguished themselves as the Philippine advertising industry’s definitive, go-to sources for information, reaching everyone from agency chiefs and professionals, to clients, suppliers, media and the academe.

Fresh off a record-breaking third Philippine Quill Top Award win in 2013, adobo magazine remains the industry bible for the Philippines and the region, consistently leveraging unparalleled access and professional reportage to bring readers the latest from here and around the world.

Likewise, adobo’s digital platforms reach thousands of subscribers daily via website (www.adobomagazine.com), mobile and social media, as well as a thrice-weekly newsblast of the latest from inside the industry, as well as live reportage from AdFest, Cannes Spikes and other major international advertising festivals.

Whether you’re looking for in-depth coverage of up-to-date trade news and emerging trends or extensive, exclusive profiles, interviews and showcases, everything you need is here.

Welcome to the Word on Creativity.

Welcome to adobo.

Member of United Print Media Group (UPMG)

adobo magazine is published quarterly by Sanserif, Inc.

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adobo magazine
928 Arnaiz Avenue, Barangay San Lorenzo
Makati City, 1223 Philippines

Telephone: (+632) 8396 5608



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