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Japan Airlines’ Year-End Ticket Sale Offers Round-trip Flights to Tokyo via Haneda

Filipinos heading for Japan are in for a treat. Japan Airlines is offering special fares for all Tokyo bound flights, giving Filipinos the opportunities to plan their trips way ahead.



The tickets are on sale from December 11, 2018 until January 10, 2019, with a travel period from December 11, 2018 to July 31, 2019. Japan Airlines’ Passenger Sales Manager Mary Joy Amabel Serrano says, prices are as low as USD 320 for Economy class, USD 699 for Premium Economy (applicable only to flight JL742/Narita) and USD 1099 for Business Class.


The Japanese flag carrier has also launched its newest route from Manila to Tokyo via Haneda. This flight allows passengers as early as 4:55 in the morning, and maximize the first day of their trip. Serrano enthuses, Haneda is a strategic point, because it has connecting flights to 59 domestic destinations. Japan Airlines also has flights to Tokyo via Narita. Haneda is nearer to Tokyo, only requiring 30 to 45 minutes travel time.


Japan saw a surge of Filipino visitors in the past years.  owing to the relaxed VISA requirements for Filipino citizens which took effect in August 2018.


Japan Airlines Philippines’ General Manager, Chikara Mochihara is expecting more Filipino tourists travelling to Japan. “With the Japanese government’s effort to boost repeat visitors in the country, we have seen more Filipinos acting on their desire to visit Japan as we welcomed the more than 400,000 tourists from the Philippines in 2017. As the flag carrier, we are very proud to be part of the Filipino tourist’s journey as we extend the Japanese experience from the moment you step on board to the moment you arrive in Japan.”, said Mochihara.


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