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Brand & Business: Great Place to Work® reveals Top 25 Best Workplaces™ in the Philippines for 2022

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Great Place to Work®, the global authority in workplace culture and the gold standard of recognition as well as the data scientist behind the annual Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For®, released its list of the 25 Best Workplaces™ in the Philippines for 2022. This year’s list features more companies than in 2020 and 2021. The organizations are also categorized under Small, Medium, and Large, depending on the number of employees.

“We are delighted that more companies are getting certified as great places to work. This shows that more Philippine companies and their leaders are committed to building high-trust workplace cultures. We believe that many others will join as they get inspired by the Great Place to Work®-CertifiedTM companies who are leading the way in putting their people first and enjoying the many benefits of doing so,” said Antoinette Talosig, Managing Partner, Great Place to Work® Philippines and Principal Consultant, Great Place to Work® ASEAN.


For over 30 years, business leaders, research institutions, and the public worldwide have relied on the Great Place to Work® Trust Model© as the definitive standard of what it means to be a great workplace. The Trust Model© serves as the foundation of the Trust Index© Employee Survey, which analyzes participating employees’ experiences through five dimensions: credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie.

Using this lens, the prestigious global consultancy firm has proven that the definition of a great workplace is one where employees trust the people they work for, have pride in what they do, and enjoy the people they work with. The 2022 rankings represent the workplace experiences of over 130,000 employees in the Philippines.

Philippines’ Best WorkplacesTM for 2022

Large Category
– organizations with 1,000 or more employees.

  1. DHL Express
  2. Synchrony Global Services Philippines
  3. Accenture, Inc.
  4. [24]
  5. American Express International
  6. Ingram Micro
  7. Real Page
  8. Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines, Inc
  9. Teleperformance Philippines
  10. ADP Philippines

Medium Category
– organizations with 100-999 employees.

  1. Cisco Systems Philippines
  2. Atlassian
  3. Hilton
  4. Hilti
  5. HP PPS Philippines Inc.
  6. Genesys Philippines
  7. Ericsson Telecommunications, Inc.
  8. Balsam Brands’ Regional Operating Headquarters – Balsam International
  9. SC Johnson Philippines

Small Category
– organizations with 10-99 employees.

  1. SafetyCulture Philippines
  2. Qavalo
  3. Coda Payments
  4. Mars Pet Nutrition Philippines
  5. PANDR Outsourcing

“As confirmed by numerous studies, satisfied workers result in greater productivity. And
greater productivity means faster growth for our industries and heightened recovery for
the economy. It is my sincere hope that more business groups will follow the lead of the top 25 best workplaces in the Philippines,” said Ramon Lopez, Secretary for the Department of Trade and Industry. “We look forward to the day when every sector of our economy would soon be populated by great workplaces, where leaders empower their workforce to reach their full human potential as part of their organization.”

When asked why more Philippine companies are getting certified as great workplaces, Antoinette said, “For the past two years, we have weathered numerous challenges in the country, chief of which is the COVID-19 pandemic. We also have increasing rates of unemployment and underemployment, poor working conditions, and pressing concerns around employees’ holistic well-being and mental health. What we see in 2022 is that more companies will commit themselves to be Great Place to Work®-CertifiedTM to create a supportive work environment for their employees,” she added.

“In 2022, we know what’s important—we must take care of each other in terms of physical, mental, and financial health. We need to be concerned about each working person, not only as individuals but also in terms of their family and community. It’s up to the leaders to ensure that we treat people in a respectful, caring, honest, fair, and equitable way. So they know we care about them, not just as an employee, but also as a person,” said Michael C. Bush, global CEO, Great Place to Work®.

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