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Brand & Business: Don Papa celebrates a Sweet Sugarlandia Spring

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Don Papa Rum, Philippines’ premium single island rum, has unveiled its latest global lifestyle campaign celebrating the festive and hopeful season of spring. ‘A Sweet Sugarlandia Spring’ depicts a dreamy rebirth, with a sprinkle of curiosity and wonder, alongside a touch of romance with four new delicious Don Papa cocktails, created by Tomas Delos Reyes, the brand’s LA-based US Brand Ambassador

While spring is not a familiar experience for Filipinos, Don Papa feels that the message it embodies is a message that can resonate with all of us: a message of hope and of looking forward to a fresh start in the coming days. The current situation might seem dark and dreary, but things have been looking up. Filipinos are ready to look forward to the brighter and warmer days and Don Papa Rum is ready to get that started. 

Don Papa is here to inspire with whimsical, languid scenes set in the grounds and wildly stylish rooms of Dawnridge House, the legendary Beverly Hills home last seen on Netflix’s 2020 hit show ‘Ratched.’ This is a place where romantic picnics last from noon to night; where cocktails are sipped on terraces bathed in the golden rays of evening sunshine, and where intimate groups of friends revel in laughing and being together once again.  

Bringing these scenes to life is renowned photographer Steve Tirona, whose works have been exhibited across the world from Japan, Malaysia, Australia, The Netherlands, USA, and has a permanent collection exhibited at The Singapore Art Museum.

Adding to the flavor of these scenes are the two new sweetly decadent Don Papa cocktails: Avalon Awakens – a velvety smooth drink inspired by the Don’s travels on the cool Pacific coast, and Botanica Obscura – a floral elixir to truly celebrate spring and the brighter days ahead. 

To complete the spring feeling, Don Papa also collaborated with 2012 Palanca Award Winner Anca Bautista in creating an original poem to anchor the campaign aptly titled ‘The Sweetest Spell of Spring’.

At the close of cold, trapped winter, open wide the door,

Greet the brilliant promise of a day with much in store.

The golden rays of sunshine, spilling languid and alight;

A fine, romantic picnic to last from noon to night;

Bewitching strains of music, bright whimsy in the air,

A spread of cool elixirs poured out for friends to share;

Laughter from the gardens, games across the lawns,

The dreamy scent of flowers as the veil of dusk is drawn.


And now, you dreamers, waken; come drink, and dance, and sing!

The dream you have been dreaming is the sweetest spell of Spring.

The ‘Sweet Sugarlandia in Spring’ photo series, shot by Steve Tirona and produced by Hyperion LA, can be seen on  Don Papa’s Facebook and Instagram. But this won’t be the last of the surprises and features from Don Papa, as this is the first of several events in their year-long Seasons of Sugarlandia global campaign. Don Papa Rum is sure to stir up excitement all year long with exquisite set-ups and virtual offerings, delicious new cocktails, and interesting collaborations with different artists that will bring Filipino artistry and craftsmanship to a global audience.


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