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Over October sings about eternal love in heartwarming track ‘Ating Dalawa’

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — With the release of the new single “Ating Dalawa,” Over October continues to bring life to the pop-alternative rock in the OPM scene amid their metro tours. “Ating Dalawa” was written in Tagalog, something the band cites “they rarely do,” making it different from previous releases.

But what makes it truly special is that the song continues the wedding theme saga of “Intertwine,” a love song speaking of forever that made listeners swoon and sigh. “Ating Dalawa” continues to pain that bond and promise, especially in an uncertain and fleeting world.


Ating Dalawa” is inspired by wedding vows, with a particular focus on the promise to stay together “till death do us part.” The song speaks of the power of love and the unbreakable bond that exists between two people who have made this commitment to each other. Given its likeness to a wedding vow, the lyrical narrative showcases carefully woven word plays, painting a picture that can be “an anthem of the unbreakable bond that exists between two people who have chosen to spend their lives together.”

For the musical arrangement, Over October drew inspiration from the origin of all our modern fairytales: Disney. While simpler than other tunes, the melody complements the lyrics well, making the masterpiece sound as raw with emotion as possible.

The band shared, “We did add some unusual chords here and there to help with parts of the song that needed tension. We also have vocal harmonies inspired by old Disney movies and Manila sound produced by Sir Jazz Nicolas!”

It’s not often that we hear music speaking of love at its rawest and most steadfast. And for Over October, coming up with this piece breaks through the standards they’ve set for the band — but also pays homage to comfort and honesty.

“We’re a band that’s focused on making music that speaks to our souls, comforts us, and hopefully resonates with our listeners as well. We understand the importance of writing hit songs and reaching as many people as possible, but that has never been our primary focus.”

The band further said, “We love creating music that is authentic, honest, and quite personal, reflecting the many different experiences and emotions that we all go through in life. With each release, we’re always excited knowing that it’ll be a new journey seeing how the song is received by our listeners and also playing it live at shows.”

For anyone looking for the perfect vow of love and commitment, “Ating Dalawa” is it. With so much warmth embedded into each line, Over October was right when they called it — it’s the right song to accompany love stories across the nation. Over October looks forward to writing more songs, releasing merch, and going on tour. Nothing quite beats creating musical connections with fans, after all.

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