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Sun Life ASCP opens its hiring system in the metaverse for a more accessible recruiting process

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — As an organization that aims to drive digital transformation and technology advancements in the country, Sun Life Asia Service Center Philippines (ASCP) taps into the power of the  metaverse for its talent acquisition and recruitment activities as it rolls out its campus hiring among technology university students across the region.

The campus hiring in the metaverse is in line with the company’s overall recruitment efforts with the goal to equip university students in their career journey right from their graduation, to their internship program and formal employment. Furthermore, Sun Life ASCP envisions to achieve a more streamlined and efficient hiring operation, identifying the right talents for each available role, ultimately providing a positive candidate experience throughout the hiring process.

The metaverse will mirror the actual facilities of the Sun Life ASCP office through 3D technology – allowing candidates to create their own fun avatars and easily roam around, engage and interact with Sun Life ASCP’s HR recruiters and hiring managers – just like how it was in real life. Apart from launching in the metaverse, Sun Life ASCP will also roll out its very own Sinag Chatbot, which will be the candidate’s companion – guiding them in their queries, concerns, and other application requirements when they engage with it in ASCP’s Facebook page. The utilization of this automated tool will enable faster turn-around time in processing applications while saving resources and expenses for both the candidate and the company.


With the launch of these new digital innovations, Sun Life ASCP is eyeing to target a total of 300 potential candidates – contributing a total of 10-20% of new hires for the company. Through this, it expects to generate a minimum of PHP 100,000 savings per hire.

“Sun Life ASCP has been constantly innovating and leveraging new technologies to enhance its operations, improve customer experiences and overall deliver best-in-class services,” shared Chandan Barve, VP and Chief Administrative Officer at Sun Life ASC. “The launch of campus hiring in Metaverse and Sinag Chatbot at ASCP are in line with our digital first approach and will help improve the company’s overall recruitment effort as we establish a more efficient and effective hiring process. As a result, candidates can enjoy a positive and seamless experience all throughout the hiring journey.”

Some of the past innovations implemented by Sun Life ASCP were the gamification of its performance management where it leveraged on game-like elements such as scoring, rewards, and competitions to create a more engaging workplace experience, and hosting of virtual job fairs and webinars for job seekers to easily apply and follow-up their applications in the comforts of their home. Since then, the company has achieved scale, growth, and operational maturity by providing Business Processing, IT, investment research and enterprise infrastructure to Sun Life’s global businesses. Moreover, it continues to enhance its business model by building a digital culture and mindset – all enabled by the latest technologies, data-driven insights, skill sets, talent, and agile and innovative frameworks.

What makes the Metaverse campus hiring a critical digital intervention?

In this age of rapid digitalization, companies are leveraging more on technologies and tools to effectively engage with their audiences. According to Gartner, a leading technology research and consulting firm, digitalization is defined as the use of digital technologies to transform and enhance business models – creating new opportunities for revenue and value creation. By embracing digitalization, companies can stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive in an ever-evolving marketplace.

Despite its infancy, one of the emerging digital platforms that has been garnering attention is the metaverse – a virtual world where people can build, own, and interact through an immersive and engaging experience utilizing virtual and augmented reality. It allows users to experience both the digital and real-world in the same space which involves a blend of visuals, technology and sound – delivering an extraordinary and engaging online environment.

Globally, various companies have already adopted this Web3 technology similar to how they adopted social media – from exchanging goods and services to education and leisure. With its vast opportunity to revolutionize the way businesses operate and engage with stakeholders, the metaverse presents exciting opportunities to build brand awareness, foster customer loyalty and expand reach – most especially among social-savvy Gen Zs who love to discover new things and immerse in new experiences.

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