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Campaign Spotlight: Mobil and BBDO India offer ‘Mobil Lockdown Sessions’

SINGAPORE — For the first time in our lives we truly appreciated basic necessities and essential people in our communities, such as truck drivers, who put their lives on the line to ensure that basic essentials reached our homes. Brand Mobil urges people to continue following these practices of appreciation, even as the nation opens up for business.

In order to accomplish Exon Mobil’s objective of making sure people continued to appreciate sacrifices made by people in our communities that we sometimes forget about, BBDO India worked with Exxon Mobil to create a series of short videos called “Mobil Lockdown Lessons.” These videos make sure that viewers are reminded of the lessons we had to implement during the time of the pandemic for safety, such as social distancing and patience, and to make sure people continue to implement these actions in their daily lives, post lockdown.

One particular video celebrates truck drivers, brave people in our community who make sure deliveries are made and our supermarkets are full. These people are regularly out of sight, but will no longer be out of mind. The video reminds us to always be appreciative and grateful for the simple things (like spices for a delicious curry) and how we acquired them, because everything has to travel a distance at the hands and sacrifices of others to arrive in our homes.


As Digvijay Singh Shekhawat, GM & EVP of the Bangalore branch, BBDO India stated, “We learnt patience and empathy. We learnt what was essential and what wasn’t. And we just used these lessons and a bit of creativity to create a few small films under the title ‘Mobil Lockdown Lessons’.”

Rupinder Paintal, director of market development, Exxon Mobil Lubricants (India) says “We’ve seen some unprecedented tough days, but have seen tougher resilience of the people fighting against COVID-19 to emerge stronger by rising to the challenge. This adversity has taught us some lessons, which we are happy to share as the ‘Mobil Lockdown Lessons.’ The beauty of these videos is that they were created during the lockdown using simple everyday objects and toy cars, to craft the messages which are so simple, yet very relevant for the current times. These lessons can help us lead better lives even when we are back on the road.”

Manoj Jacob, Sr. creative director says: “In times where ‘the normal’ is quite ‘abnormal,’ you have to leave the much trodden path to move forward. When the pandemic hit, our industry was confronted with radical new propositions forcing us to go back to the very core of creativity — coming up with unconventional solutions. We just shot toy cars which we had at home along with art created from chart paper, crayons, pulses, dried chillies and dal with our mobile phones to put our point of view across.”

To view the films, visit: https://www.facebook.com/mobilindia/videos/2711839009100757/


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