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Campaign Spotlight: Perromart’s latest campaign shows the quirky side of pets

E-commerce pet retailer, Perromart, strongly believes in enabling the bond between pets and pet parents. Every parent knows that our cats and dogs are more than just “pets.” They’re part of the family. And like any other member of your family, each of them has their unique quirks and traits. Just like any other family member, they give unconditional love, and in return, you as their pet parent always want to provide them with the best. Because after all, they are one of us.
In collaboration with TGH Collective, Perromart launched a series of quirky content videos on Facebook and Youtube demonstrating how humanly pets can be when they perform actions that we also do. Each content highlights the clear benefits of what perromart offers, like quick delivery, better brands, and best value.
Bella, a Maltese, is shopping for her friend who happens to be a cat. Molly the poodle, is a picky eater, but when it comes to the wide assortment of food from perromart, she gobbles up everything. Rufus, a cocker spaniel, is a saver and calculates how much he saves on discounts.

As mentioned by Roy Lim, co-founder of Perromart, “With the amount of effort and products being invested into the wellbeing of our dogs and cats, some have even taken to calling them humankind’s ‘new children’. Through this campaign, we want to highlight not only the benefits of perromart’s online services, but also how perromart is dedicated to catering to pet parents who treat their pets not as simple companions, but as their ‘new children’ — not unlike human ones.”

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