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Insight: Twitter’s ‘Global Impact Report’ highlights the company’s work towards social good

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – As a social media platform where people air out their thoughts and engage in discourse, Twitter has always served the public conversation. It’s a place where people consume and create content, and for brands to stand out.

In the past year, Twitter has become an important platform for people to inform themselves about the COVID-19 situation all over the world. From news sites to government agencies, these organizations’ presence became much more pronounced on Twitter because they had to disseminate information about the ongoing pandemic.

And as a way to synthesize all of the country-specific COVID-19 news together, Twitter made a designated landing page for each nation that reports about their COVID-19 situation.


But this is just one thing among many that Twitter has done to better serve the public. And in Twitter’s ‘Global Impact Report’, you can learn more about their work across environment, social, and governance issues in the past 15 years.

According to the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey: “Our goal in publishing this report is to share more information about the work we know is important to the people we serve: employees, partners, investors, and the people around the world who use Twitter.”

While they’ve had ‘Inclusion & Diversity Reports’ that share how Twitter is working towards its diversity goals and ‘Transparency Reports’ that showcase what they’re doing to protect the integrity of the conversation on the platform, the ‘Global Impact Report’ is the first of its kind. It’s a combination of these two and Twitter’s other initiatives that highlight corporate responsibility, sustainability, and philanthropy.

Since the report is a cohesive representation of their work, Twitter organized the data into five key areas:

Twitter’s Service

Sometimes, Twitter users tweet offensive and explicit content that violate Twitter’s rules. So as a platform committed to promoting healthy conversations, Twitter has made a move to reduce harmful content with the help of technology and human review. From trying to prevent dehumanizing speech to spread on the platform to consulting with the public to review the policies they have in place — these are just some of Twitter’s efforts to better their service and promote healthy participation.


In line with its goal of inclusion, Twitter is actively recruiting to incorporate more diversity into the board. And to implement corporate governance best practice, Twitter is planning to eliminate its classified board structure so that directors will only be elected for a one-year term.

People and Culture

Twitter’s employees, or Tweeps as they call them, are the backbone of the company. And ever since the company’s inception in 2006, Twitter has aimed to create an exceptional employee experience — resulting in their employees to come for the purpose and stay for the experience and the people.

Even with the disruption caused by COVID-19, Twitter was able to quickly execute a decentralized structure to allow its employees to safely work from home. As early as mid-March of 2020, Twitter has transitioned to a fully virtual workforce.

Twitter for Good

The core tenet of Twitter revolves around strengthening and supporting the communities in which they work and live in. So as part of the company’s efforts, they have had numerous philanthropic projects and programs that serve local communities.

Aside from company initiatives, Twitter as a platform is used by its users to mobilize change through causes and social movements. This can be seen in the trending hashtags that double as social impact campaigns in the last 15 years, but that’s just one part of it.


Climate change is a big problem our world faces, so to do its part to protect the environment, Twitter has a sustainable strategy with a detailed roadmap to spread environmental awareness, follow international environmental protocols, source renewable energy, and partner with environmental organizations. Workplaces are also made more sustainable.

Since the majority of the world know Twitter best as a social media platform where they can share their thoughts and follow people, the ‘Global Impact Report’ will shed some light on Twitter as a whole. It consolidates Twitter’s various initiatives throughout the years in a 50-page report, and it also emphasizes what the company is aiming for.

Interested to learn more about what Twitter has done since its founding in 2006? You can read the full ‘Global Impact Report’ here.

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