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Publicis Groupe cuts the BS from AI at Cannes Lions Festival

PARIS, FRANCE — At a time when AI buzz is still setting agendas everywhere, creative network Publicis Groupe is taking a stand to remove the BS from AI. From tech titans promising the creation of new worlds and the destruction of old industries to legacy companies using AI as a catch-all solution, everyone has a prophecy to push. As can be seen here, each claim is bigger and bolder than the last.

Knowing that the hype and hubris will only intensify during the Cannes Lions Festival, Publicis is cutting through exaggerated AI promises.

With the BSBot, clients will be able to record audio or upload images and text from keynote speeches, meetings, presentations, articles, and press releases about AI. Once inputted, they will receive an immediate analysis that translates AI hype and jargon into real talk and highlights critical questions that should be asked.


Throughout the festival, Publicis will also host more than 30 closed-door sessions, delivering the real deal on AI for its clients: what’s real, what’s ready, and what’s relevant for their industry-specific business challenges and marketing imperatives.

Arthur Sadoun, Chairman and CEO of Publicis Groupe, commented, “The only thing more widespread than AI at the moment is the noise surrounding it. Cannes will only amplify it further. AI is already helping to deliver some outstanding creative work and I’m sure we’ll see more of that on the Croisette. But as an industry, we are at risk of trying to make AI everything, everywhere, all at once. Unlocking its full power means basing it on real data, making it ready for 1:1 marketing, and ensuring it is relevant to specific business needs by designing for outcomes, not output. Through our closed-door sessions, we will set out exactly how we can deliver that, through CoreAI, to accelerate our clients’ business and marketing transformation. But don’t tell the bot I said that.”

The bot will be launched on June 17 and made available exclusively to the Groupe’s clients. Click here for a BSbot demo.

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