LeBron’s team inspires Dimarucot’s shoes “On fire” design


MANILA, AUGUST 14, 2013- AJ Dimarucot looked to Miami Heat star LeBron James’ past in creating a series of illustrations for ‘King James’ video introduction for his recent Manila visit. 

The graphic designer, entrepreneur, restaurateur and basketball fan was selected to provide a new spin on Nike shoes as part of the video, which was screened during the hoop star’s promotional tour at the Mall of Asia Arena. Dimarucot was one of 10 designers selected for the project. For undisclosed reasons, his illustrations were never shown but Dimarucot remains delighted by the experience.



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“I’m a big fan so it was totally fun to come up with ideas for the pieces. (I) just based (it) on watching him for the last few years.  Luckily, I was also able to work on another project to do some sneaker customs and met LeBron personally,” said Dimarucot.

He took inspiration from the theme ‘Witness History’, which featured milestones in LeBron’s past year – his 4th MVP award to the ‘no-headband game’ when the star ditched his signature head gear for the finals in June. Writing in his blog, the designer said he chose to create a design called ‘Manila Inferno’, a play on LeBron’s team, Miami Heat – the two words were attached in each shoe tongue. 

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“My first idea was to paint a pattern of palm leaves on each shoe, because that was something common between Manila and Miami. But that didn’t really work out so I had to continue experimenting.” At that concept stage, Dimarucot had already planned to dub the design ‘On fire’.

Dimarucot is best known for his t-shirt designs for Nike, Jordan Brand, Adidas, and Uniqlo, which included a t-shirt design featuring ‘Adobo Creative Sweets’ for adobo magazine.



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