Leo Burnett creates Malaysia’s first Korean drama-inspired series for Samsung

ASIA-PACIFIC – MALAYSIA, JULY 31, 2013 – Leo Burnett Malaysia launched ‘Wind Chimes in a Bakery’, the country’s first Korean-drama inspired web-series created for the newly-launched Samsung GALAXY S4 in a recent collaboration between Samsung Malaysia Electronics and renowned Korean director, Jang Jae Hyeok.

‘Wind Chimes in a Bakery’ is a love story of Adam, a boy full of dreams, and Sue, a girl who values love. The couple had one dream – to open a bakery together. The story focuses on how Adam relives his memories with Sue through a Samsung GALAXY S4 after a tragedy, tying in neatly with the theme of a ‘life companion.

Director Jang Jae Hyeok was engaged for this project since Korean dramas have gained significant popularity in Malaysia. The web-series features local young stars Koe Yeet and Ahmad Nabil and guest stars Samsung GALAXY S4 Ambassadors, Liyana Jasmay and Awal Ashaari.


“We are thrilled that our collaboration with Leo Burnett has resulted in this love story that showcases the features of the GALAXY S4 in such a unique way”, said Vincent Chong, head of mobile phone division, Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

Eric Cruz, Leo Burnett Malaysia executive creative director, said: "We set out to create a narrative that could extend beyond Malaysian shores. By collaborating with a Korean and Malaysian production team to tell this timeless love story, we created an experience which is not limited to Malaysia, but which is truly Asian.”

"The idea of a life companion is a very powerful idea. It is more powerful than a friend or even a lover. It is someone who is with you when you feel alone, that knows you better than you know yourself, and in a sense, completes you. We felt that the only way to tell the story of a Life Companion was to create a timeless love story that is larger than life itself," said Leo Burnett associate creative director Kevin Larken.

"With the GALAXY S4, Samsung has taken smart devices another step closer to a more human experience. Smart Pause, Smart Scroll, Dual Shot, Air View and all the rest. The features all come together to make a device that anticipates what you need and how you want to use it. So we thought: What better way to express the GALAXY S4, a human phone, than with an essentially human story, a love story," Cruz elaborates.

"The GALAXY S4 really was the emotional core for this love story. It reflected both characters and in the end becomes a living testament to their love." Cruz added.

The 8-episode web-series can be hosted on Its premiere episode was released on July 20. 





ECD : Eric Cruz

ACD : Kevin Larken

Writer : Derek Yeo, Kevin Larken, Ng He Xiang

Art Director : Joshua Lim, Foong Mee Yee, Eric Cruz

Designer : Foong Mee Yee, Yap Yi Ling

Agency Producer : Iskandar Siva

Client Servicing : May Song, Raymond Leong


Photography: Studio DL

Photographer: Quah Kwan Guan.


Production House : PRS Films

Director : Jang Jae Hyeok

Director of Photography : Byun Jae Kun

Executive Producer : Fahzwan Fah Soong Thung, Kim Ha Yeon

Producer : Song Jae Bok

Edit House : VHQ Post

Music Production : Canang Studio


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