Lifebuoy and Lowe Lintas premiere groundbreaking ‘Saving Lives’ campaign

ASIA-PACIFIC – INDIA, MARCH 6, 2013 – Unilever’s health soap, Lifebuoy has been teaching children healthy hand washing habits for almost a decade now. It now launches its most groundbreaking campaign with a 3-minute film that seeks to inspire action from viewers to pledge support for Lifebuoy’s hand washing programs on the ground.

R. Balki, chairman and chief creative officer of Lowe Lintas, commented: “A small act like washing hands with Lifebuoy can save a child’s life. This message needs to reach far and wide. So, we created this campaign that can open one’s mind to this amazing message. A campaign that moves people to the extent that they care to share it with others."
Samir Singh, Lifebuoy’s global vice president said: “Lifebuoy’s goal is to change the hand-washing behaviors of a billion people by 2015 in order to help save lives and reduce disease. On top of the work we have been doing on ground for the last 10 years, we needed people to support our cause in huge numbers to reach our goal. 
In Lifebuoy’s brief to Lowe, the client had wanted to create "something real, personal and powerful" out of this statistic: "2 million children die in the world before the age of five due to preventable infections like diarrhea and pneumonia".
Amer Jaleel, national creative director with Lowe Lintas, added: “We wanted this ad to evoke a meaningful response towards the initiative and not to say ‘what a beautiful ad’. It’s a real, true and honest programme and the work should embody that. Judging from the responses we have from people and industry alike, I think we’ve managed to achieve this.”

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