Lowe Malaysia creates Gherkin-inspired design for 9th World Islamic Economic Forum

KUALA LUMPUR – October 31, 2013 – To launch the World Islamic Economic Forum’s 9th edition at the Global Stage in London, Lowe Malaysia took inspiration from the iconic Gherkin’ building.
The WIEF was formed to create a global platform to bring Muslim and non-Muslim communities together through business. For this year’s theme, Lowe Malaysia adopted a lattice design which echoes the façade of London’s iconic ‘Gherkin’ building. 
The interlocking shapes of the structure also communicate the connectivity between individuals and nations that the WIEF promotes, Lowe Malaysia said, adding that the motif is applied throughout materials, with a clear, sans-serif typeface announcing the event.
Jackie Mah, Chief Finance Officer, WIEF, commented, “This work is crisp and professional, and uses an architectural motif which reflects dynamism, modernity and commerce – all things which WIEF stands for. Lowe explored several possibilities with us creatively, and we have been very impressed with their depth and ability.”
The task was to create a theme to resonate with this year’s event title: “Changing World: New Relationships”. While remaining clear and elegant, the design had to reflect the Forum’s ethos, which is global, contemporary and collaborative, the agency said.
The theme had to work effectively for use across scales and platforms including out-of-home advertising, marketing collateral, website, print and on-site branding materials. It also needed to be distinct and relevant to this year’s location. To be held in Europe for the first time, the 9th World Islamic Economic Forum will be held at the Excel center in London on October 29 to 30.
Mazuin Zin, Managing Director, Lowe Malaysia said, “Partnering World Islamic Economic Forum at the global stage in London has been a momentous occasion at Lowe Malaysia. Besides getting an opportunity to showcase our communication design capabilities at the confluence of best minds in the world of Islamic and Western Economics, it also gave us the ideal platform to expand our service offerings from current B2C to B2B space.”

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