Awards: PANAta Awards 2020 ‘Brands Beyond Business’, judging commences and virtual awarding ceremony set for Dec 8


MANILA, PHILIPPINES – With nearly 200 entries vying in various categories, PANAta Awards 2020 has proven to be the biggest by far since its launch 11 years ago.  Lauded as the country’s premier annual recognition program organized by BRAND BUILDERS themselves, PANAta Awards is the only awards-giving body that places a greater weight on business results. PANA continues to celebrate brands with BRAND EFFECTIVENESS as the core criterion of every campaign. Qualified entries are those that have been aired or used in any form of media from January – December 2019 except for the Gawad Pandayon entries which ran from March – September 2020.

What is distinctive in this year’s event is the Gawad Pandayon Awards which highlight the resilience of brands amidst a crisis. Going beyond business as usual, brands have helped consumers make sense of the current situation. In the brand stories, it was evident that business results do not only pertain to sales but more importantly to the philanthropic and far reaching impact to the lives of the Filipino consumer. Pivoting their businesses as they displayed compassion and innovation to deliver the needs and wants of the market is the compelling drive to connect. “I couldn’t stop being emotionally affected by the entries. Most campaigns were insightful, heart-warming, and truly reflective of genuine love and service that brands stand for in building the nation.  I am pretty sure the judges will find it difficult to choose the winners”  says Ken Lerona, chairman of this year’s event.

 The board of jurors is composed of industry luminaries from brands, advertisers, media, academe , advertising and research agencies. To further feel the pulse of the consumers, PANAta Awards will again open the People’s Choice Awards on Oct 27, where consumers can choose their favorite campaign through the chatbot. All they have to do is log-in on PANA’s FB page to participate.  

Winners will be honored in a historic virtual awarding ceremony on Dec 8. For this, PANA engaged Intersections Communications, Inc. as its agency partner. This is anticipated to be filled with excitement as the occasion will be graced by celebrities who will announce the winners and provide entertainment. Prominent brand builders will also be in attendance. With the vast experience and progressive mindset of both organizations and the immense support of the whole industry, PANAta Awards 2020 promises to raise the bar for online events. 



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