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#adobopicks: Get Thirsty for #WorldGinDay with these Gin Campaigns

If you do not have any reason to go out tomorrow night, you should know the 8th of June is World Gin Day! The perfect nightcap to a friends’ night out or the go-to cocktail over shared stories, gin is probably the most adaptable (and refreshingly simple) alcohol that can cater to the different fancies and palette of a drinker. The Philippines is said to be one of the highest consumers of Gin, alongside European countries such as Spain and Belgium. Here’s a look at some gin brands whose packaging and campaigns we love.

1. Beefeater | New Label, Same Gin

In 2016, Beefeater did a major rebrand on their packaging and we are all for it. The Yeoman still stands for the original dry gin; only this time, the elements of the perfect London scenery is added in the label: The River Thames, Palace of Westminster, and the London Eye. Who doesn’t love a good visual identity?


2. Gordon’s Gin | Too Busy for a 5pm G&T?

No matter how busy you are, Gordon’s Gin is here to remind you that you are never too busy for a 5pm G&T; take Kate and Hannah in this advertisement by the brand. The concept is so simple, yet it captivates the iconic look of gin and tonic: poured over a generous helping of ice, freshly squeezed lime on top, and with a straw to match.

3. Hendrick’s Gin | Hendrick’s Gin Escape

Here’s to remind us to escape the mundane and embrace one’s true self! The campaign garnered a whopping 37 million views on YouTube and boasts a whimsical animation of the weird and wonderful. This only goes to show that the world of Hendrick’s Gin champions the peculiar, delightful, and delicious!

4. Sipsmith Gin | We Make Gin Not Compromises

In Sipsmith’s Gin first advertisment, the brand’s inimitable Mr. Swan takes us through the tedious process of crafting their spirit. “Why does Sipsmith Gin taste so outrageously good?” We’d like to know too.

5. Aviation Gin | The Process

Some things just fit so perfectly. Mac and cheese, peanut butter and jelly …Ryan Reynolds and gin? Aviaton has gotten a lot of attention lately due to Ryan Reynolds’ acquisition of the brand in 2018, and rightly so. The gin’s campaign, “The Process”, has Reynolds humorously narrating the origins of Aviation Gin.



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