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BBDO and Proximity Pakistan help Pepsi bring digital pinball cricket to Pakistan

SINGAPORE – BBDO and Proximity Pakistan has created a unique experience for Pepsi, bringing digital pinball cricket to the streets.


The love for cricket run deeps in Pakistan, with many of the professional players starting their journey playing on the streets. In a short period, the youth have stopped playing outside and spend their time online instead, with high speed internet and mobile technology offering a more convenient form of entertainment.



It was time to make cricket relevant again. Using advanced 3D Projections and CGI, BBDO and Proximity Pakistan converted a street into a pinball game, with ex-Pakistani cricket captain Shoaib Malik on site to add an extra element to the game. The “ScorePads” were activated using motion sensors and would light up upon touch, essentially turning the surrounding areas into a space full of color and light.


Following the success of the video and the positive, encouraging reactions from those who viewed the content online, Pepsi is looking to schedule a tournament in Pakistan to help revive the street Cricket culture, and inspire the youth to get involved in this completely new and exciting format.

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