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Campaign Spotlight: CLM BBDO Salutes The First Generation of Women Breakthroughs Featuring Grandmothers with #ThankYouGrandma

Without our grandmothers, our lives will never be be the same. Before they were the women we know today, they were young women who changed the world.
Our grandmothers are part of a generation that fought to change the place of women in society from freedom of expression, practicing the same professions as men, playing the same sports as men, to women’s rights in controlling her own body. None of these advancements would be possible without them. To pay tribute, CLM BBDO has created a campaign that features a set of black and white images to highlight their breakthroughs—big or small. 
“Though this campaign (that) goes back in time, it offers a deeply modern vision of our grandmothers,” Benjamin Dessagne and Stéphane Santana, Creative Directors of CLM BBDO, explained. 

The film is directed by documentary filmmaker and anthropologist Sylvain Desmille (Curious Film). It is largely composed of archival images that celebrate the pioneers who helped transform women’s place in society into what it is today. Extensive research was done to showcase lesser-known women such as Françoise Mabille, the first French woman to become a volunteer firefighter; Violaine Sanson, member of the first women’s motorcycle racing team; Astrid Hustinx, one of the first female airline pilots; parachutists Odette Rousseau and Colette Duval; and Anne Chopinet, one of the first women to attend the prestigious École Polytechnique. 
When asked about the film, Desmille noted that the emancipation and liberation of women is one of the major advancements of society in the 20th century. “This process was made possible by all those who, through their strength and actions, and frequently their courage, helped change attitudes towards women. They are more than just images, they are the faces of this moral revolution,” he added. 
The film, filled with stories that are strong in emotion, will be online starting February 18, and will be on air from March 1 to 3.
Grandmothers’ Day will be celebrated on March 3 at Café Grand’ Mère.
All of the dates written below will remind us that the women of yesterday have changed the conditions of women forever.
1962 – Mini-skirt scandal: Started by Mary Quant, it became a symbol of the liberation of women’s bodies 
1965 – Women gained the right to manage their property, open a bank account, and practice a profession without needing their husband’s permission 
1965 – Technical schooling is open to girls 
1967 – Neuwirth Law authorized contraception which started getting reimbursed in 1974 
1967 – Jacqueline Dubut and Danièle Decuré became the first female French airline pilots 
1969 – First season of women’s football in France 
1970 – Creation of the Women’s Liberation Movement 
1975 – Women finally gain the right to divorce by mutual consent 
1977 – First International Women’s Day
CLM BBDO agency Campaign Credits:
Brand Manager, Café Grand’Mère: Claudia Pereira   
Marketing Manager, Café Grand’Mère: Mathilde Reymondier 
Advertising Manager, Café Grand’Mère: Bertrand Sero  
Creative Director, CLM BBDO: Benjamin Dessagne 
Creative Director,  CLM BBDO: Stéphane Santana  
Creative Director, CLM BBDO: Matthieu Elkaim 
Art Director, CLM BBDO: Théophile Robaglia  
Copywriter, CLM BBDO: Joseph Rozier  
Account Director, CLM BBDO: Nicolas Carlotti  
Client Director, CLM BBDO: Romain Bruneau 
Account Manager, CLM BBDO: Audrey Brahic 
TV producer, CLM BBDO: Morgane Bohn 
Strategic Planner, CLM BBDO: Tomas Couvry 
Curious Film Production: 
Director: Sylvain Desmille 
Producer: Adrien Kamir
Post-Producer: Antoine Daubert
Motion-Designer, CLM BBDO: Damien Dupoux 

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