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Campaign Spotlight: Heineken and Publicis Brasil surprise the audience with Ronaldinho Gaucho as conductor of the first UEFA Champions League Final

SAO PAULO – Thirty-eight million organic impacts on Instagram. Almost 300,000 views on the brand’s Instagram Stories. About 12 million impressions of the #ShareTheDrama hashtag on Twitter. The numbers reveal the success of “The Grand Finale”, an event held by Heineken in Brazil to celebrate the 2018 UEFA Champions League final. The event invited fans to watch the UEFA Champions League final in a celebration mood and surprised the audience by sounding the entire Real Madrid-Liverpool match with two conductors: Xuxa Levy and the famous footballer Ronaldinho Gaucho.

Conceived by Publicis, the action generated record engagement on the Brazilian Heineken’s profile Instagram Stories. During the final, there was a war room where a team of 10 professionals reacted in real time to the interactions between public and brand.


“In line with the global concept #ShareTheDrama, the event highlighted the most dramatic moments of the final of Europe’s most important sporting event with two surprises. Firstly, the presence of a philharmonic orchestra playing live the whole game. The second surprise, revealed just moments before the kick off whistle, was the appearance of Ronaldinho Gaucho acting as conductor in front of a classical music stars team”, says Vanessa Brandão, director of Heineken brand in Brazil.

“This is an ingenious design from the execution point of view: an exquisite technical musical quality combining excellence live marketing, activation of sponsorship and a great viral potential. The audience at the event made the content viral organically, which proved Heineken’s natural ability to become part of people’s conversations”, completes Domênico Massareto, Publicis’ CCO.



Client: Heineken

Product: Heineken

Campaign Title: The Grand Finale

Client Approval: Bram Westenbrunk, Vanessa Brandao, Guilherme Retz e Gabrielah Cordeiro

Agency: Publicis

Creative direction: Domenico Massareto, Henrique Mattos e Paulo Aguiar

Art direction: Diogo Dutra, Fernando Drudi, Leonardo Rotundo

Writing: Arturo Marenda, Giovani Baggio, Samuel Normando

Service: Danilo Ken, Renata Colombo, Renata Principe, Marina Roge, Danielle Salomão e Daniel Batista

Planning: Eduardo Lorenzi, Alexandra Varassin, Juliana Elia, Rafael Fiorito, Fernanda Malaco e Pietro Martorelli


Media: Viviana Maurman, Thiago Rodrigues, Dante Mennichelli e Henrique Dammenhain

RTVC: Tato Bono, Daniela Andrade, Cayan Lobo, Dani Toda e Nana Bittencourt

Producer: Spray Filmes

Director: Rodrigo Gameiro

Audio producer: Vocoder

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