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Campaign Spotlight

Campaign Spotlight: Kwentong Jollibee “Apo” by McCann Worldgroup Philippines shows gratitude to grandparents’ selfless love

MANILA – Moving the hearts of millions once again, Jollibee in collaboration with McCann World Group Philippines released the latest installment to the hit #KwentongJollibee series titled “Apo” (Grandchild) in time for Grandparents Day on September 10.

Inspired by the unique love and care that grandparents give, the short film depicts the story of an elderly couple and their little but meaningful milestones as they happily raise their beloved grandson.

 “The story of ‘Apo’ represents a powerful truth of grandparents’ special relationship with their grandchildren, and aims to remind us all of the wonderful memories with our own lolos and lolas and how they helped us in molding who we are today, especially those  whom we refer to as “laki sa lolo or lola,” said Francis Flores, Jollibee Global Brand Chief Marketing Officer and Philippines Marketing Head. “And in true Kwentong Jollibee fashion, the short story also shows the  strong connection and role of Jollibee in  in keeping families together and cultivating positive values.”


Jollibee Brand Communications and PR director Arline Adeva also adds, “Many were able to relate and see themselves in this latest Kwentong Jollibee material – including the OFWs parents who had to entrust their children with the lolos and lolas to pursue work opportunities abroad; and all the grandchildren – many of whom make up today’s millennials – who are truly appreciative of the love and care showered upon them. 

 Directed by Ianco dela Cruz (who also helmed the “Vow” in the record-breaking Kwentong Jollibee valentine series and the 2016 Adobo Ad of the year “Kahera”),  “Apo” is a light and memorable short film that builds up to a stirring twist, like all hit and well-loved Kwentong Jollibee films before it.  Since it was uploaded on the brand’s Facebook page last September 3, “Apo” has already managed to reach 17.1 Million netizens and has amassed  over 6.1 Million views and more than 83,000 shares.

“The past Kwentong Jollibee videos have succeeded in stirring various emotions among millions of viewers,” shares Dela Cruz. “While watching this Grandparents’ Day treat, viewers will hopefully recall with fondness their own personal stories of how their lolos and lolas have impacted their lives and elicit a sense of gratitude for all their love, hard work, and sacrifices, especially for those who were laki sa lolo and lola.”

Dedicate this special video to your lolos and lolas this Grandparents’ Day (September 10) and proudly share that you are  #LakiSaLolo and/or #LakiSaLola.

Stay tuned for more Kwentong Jollibee episodes on the official Jollibee Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/JollibeePhilippines/and YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/jollibeedigital1. You may also follow Jollibee on Twitter and Instagram @jollibee for more updates.

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