SINGAPORE Lux, one of the largest beauty and personal care brands, launched its updated brand purpose for their female customers. With the aim “Inspiring women to defy judgments and to dare to express their femininity unapologetically,” this is based on the understanding of how women tend to be judged the more effort they put in their looks. The brand reviewed more of this theory and found out that the creative and entertainment industry play an important role on how society views women. 
In collaboration with Mindshare, Lux partnered with E! Entertainment to formulate real-time content and conversations that recognize women who challenges the female stereotype. 
Anne Radmacher, Global Brand Vice President for Lux – Unilever stated that they wanted to look specifically at how women are portrayed in the entertainment industry while recognizing how they rise against stereotypes. She added, “We are all influenced from a young age by the lyrics of the songs we listen to or by the movies we watch. The way women are portrayed in these songs or movies ends up influencing how we and society at large think women should look or behave, this is one of the tension points where judgments are coming from.”
The red carpet is now a platform for female celebrities to advocate for female empowerment and equality in the recent years. With this in mind, the partnership between Mindshare’s with Lux and E! created an opportunity for them to gain access in real-time red carpet moments for content. 
This kicked off in this year’s Academy Awards with the campaign #LuxDefyingJudgments where they set up a digital hub to record conversations live. The conversations were developed into a series called, “#LuxDefyingJudgments Moments” where the content celebrates the fearlessness of women defying expectations about their femininity. 

One of the most significant #LuxDefyingJudgments moments is female celebrities rocking pant suits instead of the usual long gowns. Celebrities like Elsie Fisher, Melissa McCarthy, Diane Warren, and Awkwafina can look stunning in pants. Their red carpet looks where met with great reviews from netizens bringing the conversation topic, “Who said only men can wear pants” into action.
“E! is the ultimate destination for red carpet coverage and we are incredibly honored to be partnering with Lux and Mindshare in empowering women to challenge the status quo and redefine stereotypes,” Christine Fellowes, Managing Director of NBC Universal International Networks, Asia Pacific stated. 
In a similar statement, Lucius Young, Global Digital & PR Lead of Lux – Unilever expressed her thrill to be partnered with E! for the campaign. She said, “We are thrilled to be partnering with E! to celebrate women who defy judgment and to have opportunity to initiate meaningful positive change among women all over the world through the content and conversations we are creating.”
The partnership between Lux and E! is led by Mindshare, Lux’s Global Media Agency.