Stop. Stop everything you’re doing. Because today, Monoprix and its agency, Rosapark, have found the solution to a problem that has plagued humanity for centuries.

This problem is… socks. Since the birth of modern civilization, socks have mysteriously disappeared, one by one, a frustrating problem that continues to this day. Where do they go? Into a black hole? The Bermuda Triangle?

No one knows. But, today, all that will change.

Get ready to discover… the pair… of… 3 socks! Socks sold by three: two socks, plus an extra to replace the one that will inevitably get lost.

The packs will be sold online at and several store locations starting this Wednesday, March 27th.

To showcase this innovation that will revolutionize the entire sock paradigm, Monoprix and Rosapark created a digital film inspired by this daily struggle. Directed by De Gaulle, the film features several characters all united by that universal question: “where is my sock?”

This campaign will be amplified online where tweeters in France can enter to win the packs using the hashtag #OùEstMaSocks (Where Are My Socks).

The film will run on Twitter, trueview, Youtube and on all the brand’s social networks.


Credits :

Campaign: Where’s my sock ?

Start Date : 27 MARS 2019


Brand Managers : Florence Chaffiotte, Nicolas Gobert, Stéphanie Jallet, Angeline Froger


Co-Founders : Jean-Patrick Chiquiar, Gilles Fichteberg and Jean-François Sacco

Creative Directors : Gilles Fichteberg and Jean-François Sacco

Associate Manager : Quentin Labat

Account Director : Lucile Wissocq

Head of Digital Strategy : Jeanne Neuschwander

Account Manager : Charlotte Giraud

Copywriter : Hélène Boudin
AD : Nazgol Athari-Nejad

Strategic Planner : Sacha Lacroix

TV Producer : Thomas Laurent & Cerise Podetti

PR : Mélanie Colléou and Theda Braddock

Production : De Gaulle

Director : Tom Bartowicz