To support your son who wants to be a dancer and suffers bullying because of that. To leave your job to help your daughter who dreams of becoming a violinist. These and other real stories about mothers who help their kids to express their individualities, even when they need to face society in doing so, are portrayed in Nestlé’s Nido new campaign.

Created by Publicis Brasil and launched in all Latin America on Tuesday (7), the initiative pays tribute to Mother’s Day and includes an open TV film as well as 3 minutes web documentaries.

Aiming to promote a reflection about respect for the identity of those we love and to support mothers and fathers who have been through similar situation, the commercial is tuned by Canadian singer Celine Dion´s hit “Because You Loved Me” sung by a children choir:

“You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn’t speak
You were my eyes when I couldn’t see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldn’t reach
You gave me faith ’cause you believed
I’m everything I am
Because you loved me.”

The hashtag #amorquedeixaser (#lovethatletitbe) signs the film.

“To raise a child is to live with the joy of a love capable to fulfill you and at same time to deal with the fact that your decisions impact someone else’s future. We have seen a positive reflex generated by mothers and fathers who accept their kids’ individuality. This campaign stimulates other parents to do the same, for their children’s sake and their own”, says Carine Mahler, Nestlé’s Marketing Executive Manager. “We celebrate the love that accepts, embraces and gives self-confidence to the child to be true to her essence even when traditionally one could expect her to be or do something else. Nido is on the side of the mothers for 75 years, and we felt we could contribute to go deeper in that conversation.”

According to Publicis Brasil’s CCO Domênico Massareto the inspiration for this campaign came from extremely powerful daily stories. “The stories portrayed are real and talk to every woman who deals with the dilemma of letting a child be whoever they want to be and, at the same time, protect them from the world. Those stories are framed by a song that embodies all it means to be a mother”, said Massareto .

Campaign creation is signed by Samuel Normando, Pedro Lazera, Cícero Souza e Lucas Zulian under the creative direction of Domênico Massareto, Gustavo Victorino, Samuel Normando e Elisa Gorgatti. Production company is Corazon. The film director is Raphael Gasparini.



AGENCY: Publicis Brasil

TITLE: Because You Loved Me

DURATION: 2’30″/ 60″/ 30″


CLIENT: Nestlé

CLIENT APROVAL: Carine Mahler, Rafael Souza, Zenas Liritis, Guglielmo Bonora, Luigi Segatto, Fernanda Lopes, Danilo Moreira, Ana Ferraz, Andrea Gonçalves,

CCO: Domenico Massareto
ECD: Gustavo Victorino

CREATIVE DIRECTORS: Samuel Normando and Elisa Gorgatti

ART DIRECTOR: Cícero Souza and Lucas Zulian

COPYWRITER: Samuel Normando, Pedro Lazera

RTVC: Daniela Andrade, Michele Pavão, Daniela Toda, Lucas Milan e Márcia Albuquerque

ACCOUNT SERVICE: Luiz Tosi, Calebe Ferres, Mariana Corrales, Giulia Romanelli, Letícia Andrade e Marcella Gil

PLANNING: Alexandra Varassin, Diana Santos, Rafaell Miranda, Tábata Pimentel, Rayssa Vasconcelos, Mayra Carbone

MEDIA: Thiago Rodrigues, Racquel Medeiros, Paola Lima, Caio Melo

PROJECTS: Aline Ricciarelli, Marcelo Henrique, Veronica Santos, Paulo Neves


DIRECTOR: Raphael Gasparini