MUNICH — We all use up way too much energy in our daily lives, whether we’re at work, shopping, or even sleeping, everything we do uses energy and we need this energy to survive. But how do we get as much energy as possible, without wasting too much of it?

A quirky campaign for energy drink Maximal G claims to have found the answer to this question, with a mockumentary featuring a cyclist who shows her creative yet obscure way of reaching her maximum energy level: a never-seen-before way to get the energy you need. And all this with just the help of a bit of quantum physics and a bike. Now that everyone knows just how easy it is, you can earn your extra dose of energy too. But of course, you could also just drink a can of “Maximal G”.

Serviceplan Campaign came up with the inaugural advert for the MAXIMAL G brand: ‘Be Maximal’ is an unconventional campaign targeting Millenials with its quirky depiction of a cyclist wearing pro-cycling gear and racing backwards down a country lane.

Michael Jaeger, Managing Director Consulting, Serviceplan Campaign commented: “MAXIMAL G is directed at young people who are always either online or out and about. With MAXIMAL G, the REWE Group has launched a product in the market which perfectly matches this kind of lifestyle. Our campaign exactly reflects that lifestyle and will, therefore, be extraordinary and surprising, just like the people that we want to reach out to.”

He continued: “In close collaboration with our colleagues from Neverest, E+P films and director, Matthias Thönnissen, we have been pursuing a modern content approach that puts the digital communication measures into the spotlight and distinguishes itself through shorter periods of implementation in order to consistently produce new and especially current contents for users.”



Client: PENNY-Markt GmbH / Maximal G

Title: Back to the Energy

Agency: Mediaplus Media 1, Neverest GmbH

Film Production Company: e+p films GmbH

Recording Studio: m-sound studios GmbH

Post-Production: KAEPTN Postproduktion GmbH


Global Chief Creative Officer: Alexander Schill

Executive Creative Director: Christoph Everke

Executive Creative Director: Alexander Nagel

Creative Director: Marko Savic

Creative Director: Laura Müller-Rossbach

Senior Art Director: Jonas Menze

Copywriter: Kate Haase

Junior Copywriter: Katharina Steffen-Stewart

Senior Account Manager: Frederike Enk

Junior Account Manager: Julia Leibetseder

Neverest GmbH

Executive Producer: Aisha Blackwell

Director: Matthias Thönnissen, Instand Records

e+p films GmbH 

Managing Partner: Ulrich Reuter

Producer: Viviane Völker

DoP: Kaspar Kaven

Producer Assistant: Andreas Heidenreich

Music Composer: Marcel Neumann, Pascal Lonsdorfer,  MOKOH Music GmbH

Executive Music Producer: Stephan Moritz, MOKOH Music GmbH

Sound Designer: Robert Miller, m-sound studios GmbH