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Campaign Spotlight: Renault Channels ASMR to Give Audiences the Electric Driving Experience Through Their Screen

Have you ever driven an electric vehicle before? Lots of people don’t know how smooth and relaxing the experience actually is. It’s for this reason that Renault has turned to YouTube ‘brain massage’ trend, ASMR, in its latest campaign to give online audiences the variety of sensations of driving electric vehicle, Renault ZOE, the most sold electric car in Europe since its launch. 

Created by The Loft, Publicis Conseil, the campaign triggers ASMR sensations through the sounds elicited through the ZOE’s features: driving mode, electric plug, leather seating and more. The campaign aims to introduce a new community to ASMR through a short ZOE x ASMR teaser video, as well as engaging the ASMR YouTube community through a 15-minute extended experience. 

Watch the video here:


Renault and The Loft collaborated with ‘ASMRtist,’ ASMR Zeitgeist, to create the videos, as well as a series of supporting assets.

The choice to collaborate with ASMR Zeitgeist came easily, as Renault wanted to work with an ASMR expert to make the campaign authentic. They were particularly drawn to ASMR Zeitgeist because of his inventive work on sound and experimentation with objects. With over 600k YouTube followers, ASMR Zeitgeist, is an influential force within the ASMR community. He said of the Renault partnership: “ASMR and Renault ZOE fit really well together as the driving experience in an electric car is different because it is so quiet – I was surprised at how it relaxes you immediately.”

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a tingling sensation experienced in the head and neck that is triggered by certain sounds. The feeling is only experienced by certain people and is proven to make people feel relaxed and calm. 

ASMR is a natural fit to communicate the comfort of driving a Renault ZOE, thanks to its zero noise and zero emission, which gives the feeling of relaxation for the driver. 

A recent brain monitoring study showed that the quieter driving environment of an electric vehicle can have significant mental health benefits. 

Viewers have continued to flock to YouTube in their millions since the ASMR trend exploded in 2016, but only recently have researchers been able to back up these relaxation claims with science.

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