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Campaign Spotlight: Reprise pulls together an epic Raya for TNB with “Rumah Epik Fantastik”

KUALA LUMPUR – Reprise Malaysia, IPG Mediabrands Malaysia’s full-service global performance media marketing unit has brought to life this year’s Raya film for TNB, “Rumah Epik Fantastik”. TNB is well known for some of the nation’s most memorable advertisements, including The Coming Together” at Chinese New Year, and this Raya’s campaign by Reprise has hit the right note to transcend cultures and capture the praise of Malaysians.

The film follows the protagonist, Arif, as he dreadfully anticipates the impending descent of relatives during Raya, or in his words “a.k.a. ‘A week without privacy’”. Despite all the preparation and discomfort that comes with big families congregating over the festive season, he realises the value of family, and that things work out magically in the end to bring everyone together.


Stanley Clement, Managing Director of Reprise said, “We wanted to highlight the excitement, mayhem and magical moments of the festive season and viewing it through the lens of Arif, who as a teenager is going through an awkward and slightly rebellious phase, just added that added touch of comedy.”

The film takes the viewer on a feel-good journey, with values of tolerance, compromise, togetherness and unity, all of which mirror the brand values that TNB wants Malaysians to reflect on this festive season. “Given the sentiment and recent changes in Malaysia, TNB was looking to tell a truly Malaysian story, with Arif’s epic home being representative of our country, our home,” said Stanley.

“The film hit a note with Malaysians as it has that authentic feel, and also reflects what happens every Raya gathering. It appears that the mischievous scenes, for instance the little children having a group bath, or the bathroom sink with dozens of toothbrushes, really resonated with Malaysians as they were able to relive their own family moments through the chaos of “Rumah Epik Fantastik”,” he added.

“Kudos here really goes to the creative team, Kevin Le, our Executive Creative Director, and Sharin Shahimi and Bianca Sapuan, our Creative Directors at Reprise who worked tirelessly on the ideation, alongside Adrian Cheah our Client Service Director and the social media team. Not to mention Director Quek Shio Chuan of Reservoir Productions who helped bring it all to life,” said Stanley.

Malaysians took to social media to share their positive sentiments of the film. Within 24 hours, the film was trending at #4 on YouTube, and has over 2.5 million views on the platform at present. Besides the official Facebook page, the film has also been picked up by online publications, dark networks as well as fans on social networks, with total views reaching approximately 10 million in the week since it has been released.

Stanley added, “Interestingly, we saw a post of one viewer who said he wasn’t meant to go home for Raya, but upon viewing the film, bought a flight ticket home and thanked TNB for reminding him about the importance of family. It is heart-warming stories like these that hit the spot for content creators, and that fans the flames of inspiration for the team.”

Complementing the film is the “Rumah Epik Fantastik” website, also developed by Reprise. The site hosts the full-length film, with a few interactive features including an opportunity for visitors to upload their own Raya images to create a custom version of the video to share. “We wanted to include all Malaysians and their family into TNB’s Raya event, to create a shareable moment of their own epic times with their families,” adds Stanley.

Watch the video here: 

View the “Rumah Epik Fantastik” interactive website here.

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