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Campaign Spotlight: Slurpee & GIGIL Taps Content Creator Tukomi to Promote ‘Legendary Promo’ for Mobile Legends

To promote Slurpee’s “Legendary Giveaway Promo” targeted at gamers—where they can get diamonds to use in Mobile Legends by collecting e-stamps from the drink—ideas agency GIGIL patched the brand with popular online content creator Tukomi.

In the prank video, a man can be seen going to a pawnshop to sell his Slurpee, seeking to exchange it for diamonds—humorously reflecting the very mechanics of the promo.


The collaboration proved to be a challenge as the Tukomi trio works out of Davao, while both Slurpee and GIGIL are based in Manila. 

But the back-and-forth seemed worth it:  within days of posting “Isanla Ang Slurpee sa Pawnshop,” the video quickly climbed to the No. 13 spot on YouTube’s top trending list, handily chalking up more than a million views.

“Our communications plan proved effective.  With the launch of the content video, Slurpee’s sales spiked by 57% vs last year, which just shows we chose the right target for our brand—and the right way to reach them,'” Basil Dungo, Slurpee Category Manager says.

With the recent success of the previous material, the team couldn’t help but make another one — crafting a story about the possible struggles of your Mobile Legends’ hero if you didn’t buy them skins using diamonds.

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