MANILA – Ever since their appointment, new Chief Executive Officer Onat Roldan and Chief Creative Officer Rey Tiempo have been seeking out partners to help bring the agency to new levels of thinking, guided by the Y&R core belief of “resisting the usual.”

This year, Y&R Philippines capped off the first and second quarters by teaming up with Analytics Effect, a digital analytics consultancy that banks on online measurement and data mining to deliver actionable insights. Classes composed of the entire agency staff went through grueling weeks of intensive Digital Marketing workshops, complete with weekly handouts as well as individual presentations, with Tohid and Lu as panel.

“The goal for the agency is to invest in its people, to arm each and every one in Y&R. So instead of forming a separate group or division focused on digital and new media, the whole agency is now equally equipped with all the essential skills in this age of digital competency,” explained Onat Roldan. “Not 2, not 5 people, but a fleet of 26 digital marketers and practitioners in a creative agency, all ready to service our clients in their best digital selves.”

The digital overhaul goes well with the goal of promoting “Creative Intelligence” – defined as the Y&R way of marrying data and human truth in order to produce commercially creative ideas. Already, this new mantra has been especially useful in cracking briefs and winning recent business pitches.

“Of course, all of these efforts are aimed at improving and fine tuning our core product, which has always been kick-ass creative business solutions,” said Rey Tiempo. “ With the whole agency now fully armed, ready and refreshed, I can’t wait to witness the outpouring of truly innovative creative work, as the new thinking is adapted into our future campaigns. Exciting times ahead!”