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21st National PR Congress celebrates brand love

MANILA – When products or brands have gone beyond being a mere commodity, they have achieved what Saatchi and Saatchi CEO Kevin Roberts calls “lovemarks.” Simply put, these brands have now transcended into a manifestation of a consumer’s love or emotional attachment. 

In the field of public relations, the goal for brands to become “lovemarks” should take center stage as well. PR, as a vital part of any solid marketing communications strategy, plays a very big role in initiating, encouraging and intensifying “brand love.”

What used to be mere brand loyalty is now described more passionately as a consumer’s utmost desire and affinity with a product, service or organization. This love toward brands is what continues to drive the relevance of PR in today’s ever-changing media landscape—the ability to help marketing practitioners keep a constant pulse on consumers, whether in traditional tri-media or the more modern social networking platforms.


In the Philippines, the dynamics of local PR practice in relation to this paradigm shift in brand and marketing communications will be the focus of the annual conference of the country’s premier PR industry organization.

The Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP) tackles brand love with the theme “PR: It’s a Love Thing!” at the 21st National Public Relations Congress, to be held on September 25 to 26, 2014 at the Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay City.

The two-day industry meet brings marketing and communications professionals together with top PR practitioners, agencies and thought leaders not only from the Philippines from around the globe. These esteemed resource speakers will share knowledge, information and insight into the current trends and practices of PR in helping build “lovemarks” or what is considered today’s definition of strong and effective brands.

First day sessions will revolve around getting today’s generation of savvy customers and stakeholders onto brand love—utilizing popular tools such as social media, and enlisting the right influencers and brand ambassadors. Actual case studies from invited industry professionals will illustrate unique and exciting experiences, from crowdsourcing to viral dissemination of messages and meanings.

Sessions on the second and final day will include more real-life success stories of brand love through PR, from the top-level point of view of CEOs and heads of some of the most profitable and lucrative consumer brands in the region and in the world. Corporate social responsibility or CSR as one of the most sustainable manifestations of brand love is another key emerging trend that will be tackled.

Most importantly, this year’s PR congress will feature the results of a first-ever study on the state of public relations practice in the country—seeking to solidify the local industry’s solidarity, especially in terms of professionalizing and institutionalizing best practices.

Interested participants, delegates and sponsors can contact the PRSP Congress secretariat at 661-7209 or e-mail

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