MANILA — adobo magazine, The Word on Creativity, won a Silver Tinta Award for  Magazine Design – Magazine Cover for the cover of its Design Issue 2017 at the 6th Tinta Awards held last October 24, 2017 at the Manila Hotel. 

adobo magazine’s winning cover featured a matrix of die-cut shapes in the form of phases of the moon – from the crescent to the full moon. The concept has a two-fold meaning and purpose. The phases of the moon represent how like how the moon pulls the tides, design can influence the behaviour of people who use it. The perforations also provide not just visual appeal but also tactile sensations. The cover also represents the value of design to blind and differently-abled people who stand to benefit from appropriately-designed things and environments. 

It is the first time adobo magazine has won a metal at the Tinta Awards given by the United Print Media Group (UPMG) to agencies, advertisers, and print publishers for excellent work on print.