MANILA – BBDO Guerrero launched the 3rd round of its annual Crap Ideas Workshop—a highly competitive and skills-intensive training program for aspiring advertising professionals

Participants will be exposed to a diverse series of talks and lectures from members and partners of the Agency. They will also be given briefs to work on in between sessions.

Why call the workshop “Crap Ideas?” It was inspired by Sturgeon’s law saying that 90% of everything is crap. Which, looked at another way, means that only one out of ten ideas is not crap. BBDO Guerrero encourages every participant to have as many ideas as possible in order to find the best ones. 

In the past, top-performing participants from the workshop have been recruited to be a part of the agency as a full-time creative—which shows how the Crap Ideas Workshop may become an avenue for aspiring advertising professionals in landing a position in the award-winning agency.

To join the Crap Ideas Workshop, participants are to create two ads using any medium based on the brief found on Note that ideas must be expressed in Tagalog. They may send their ideas along with their CVs to with the subject “Crap Crap Crap.”

Deadline of entries is on October 23, 2015. The announcement of winners is on November 3, 2015 and the workshop will run on Mondays & Thursdays, 6pm from November 9 to December 4, 2015.