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Ben & Ben Headlines YellowCab’s ‘So Worth It’ Campaign

MANILA, Philippines— It is when we hustle the hardest that we feel most alive, but even the hardest hustlers get hungry. Even the hardest hustlers go face-to-face with challenges that make them stop and think if what they do is even worth it.
This year, Yellow Cab launches its So Worth It campaign with a solid goal of making hustlers everywhere unstoppable for their so-worth-it chase, serving up generous, edge-to-edge flavors that are sure to fuel their hunger for the tough journey ahead.  
To inspire others to prove that their hunger for what they believe is so worth it, Yellow Cab enlisted top local, folk-pop band Ben&Ben as its brand ambassador. “Yellow Cab has always been a brand that supports individuals, groups, and communities who have a relentless drive to succeed,” said Charlene Sapina, Marketing Operations Head of Yellow Cab Pizza Co. “We are excited to have Ben&Ben on board because their story alone is already that of grit, perseverance, and simply love for their craft; of learning how to wade through all the hardships that come with the pursuit of goals and continuing to hustle hard for what they believe is so worth it.”
Ben&Ben co-vocalist, Paolo Guico commends Yellow Cab for what it espouses as a brand, knowing very well that the So Worth It campaign resonates with today’s generation of hustlers. Being a part of this campaign also brings back many memories for the young singer-songwriter as there was a time when they had to do multiple gigs almost every day just to get their music out. “We would play in bars and restaurants until midnight, pack up our instruments by 1AM, arrive home by 3AM, then wake up at 6AM to get ready for our day jobs and classes. Sleepless nights and tired mornings have become the norm for us, but not once did we consider quitting.”
“This is why Yellow Cab’s So Worth It campaign means so much to us, because we believe it drives home what many hustlers need nowadays to achieve their goals—fueling food, positive energy, and an unrelenting drive to succeed,” adds lead singer Miguel Guico.
Ben&Ben continues to dominate the charts today, releasing back-to-back hits with over a hundred million streams on Spotify. They also just finished writing two new songs, “Araw-araw” and “Limawasa,” which they debuted at the So Worth It! The Yellow Cab Pizza Tour kickoff early this year as a special treat to their fellow hustlers.
The band feels grateful for the opportunity to work with Yellow Cab in reaching a wider audience and making their music work harder to inspire hustlers everywhere to keep on pushing for what they believe is so worth it. In the coming months, fans of both the iconic pizza joint and the fast-rising band can expect to see more from this exciting engagement.
“We at Yellow Cab don’t just make food, we deliver generous, edge-to-edge flavors that fill you up and keep you going,” ends Sapina. “When the world tries to stop you, when people say you can’t, when you’re on the brink of giving up, you can look to Yellow Cab to fuel your hunger for what you believe is and will always be so worth it.”

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