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Delsey’s Starcktrip by Philippe Starck lands in the Philippines

MANILA – Trust the French to fuse clever with chic. That’s exactly what French luggage brand Delsey and creator, designer and interior architect Philippe Starck did when they decided to combine their Parisian sensibilities and aesthetics for a new luggage collection they call Starcktrip, launched in the Philippines this Tuesday by the Primer Group.

Reinforcing Starck’s rejection of design simply for the sake of beauty or a status symbol, the collection is designed to answer the nuanced needs of the seasoned traveller.

They look put together in a subtle and minimalist way with no screaming logos (just the simple mathematical sign for growth and positivity that Starck fans will easily recognize) and innovative but discreet technology.


True to form and to the Delsey legacy, they are made of unquestionable quality, the most advanced innovation, and tested for rigor the way only Delsey knows how. The line includes unisex bags fit for work, formal trips or relaxed weekends. Consistency runs through the full range in terms of design and their role in the traveller’s journey.

One is at liberty to put them together as one wishes and be assured that each timeless design and identity will endure time as well as withstand the rigors of travel. Rushing through different modes of transport will be a breeze as the bags and suitcases allow ease of use and movement through the latest ergonomic technology for comfortable dragging and carrying.

Nanotechnology is used to protect them inside and out from dirt and bacteria, fabric screens protect from data theft, anti-rain treatment on the surfaces protect your belongings from gentle rain and frost, plastic-molded materials provides rolling comfort, smoothness and silence. Pockets, wheels and handles respond smoothly while they remain discreet and elegant. No slave to fashion, and no stranger to travel, Delsey and Starck combine intelligence with elegance with no effort.

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