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Filipinos Worldwide Took Part in the Conversation as the Senatorial #Debate2019 Aired

MANILA, PHILIPPINESTwitter is where political conversations happen and where you can see all sides of a conversation especially during the #Debate2019 that aired last night. From press freedom and economy to criminal liability and political dynasties; candidates and Filipinos worldwide shared their thoughts on Twitter real time. See how the senatorial debate that occurred last night unfolded on Twitter from the heatmap below.
Twitter Data
With #Debate2019, conversations on Twitter revolved on national issues and policies, and on the track record and personal views of the senatoriables. Here were the top keywords used during the senatorial face-off:
Twitter serves as an avenue for users to join the real-time public discourse and express their views on relevant matters. It also helps Tweeps deepen their understanding, and have a wider perspective on issues. This contributes in the formulation of an informed opinion. Hence, it can be a tool to gauge the public opinion for the nearing election. These are the top mentioned candidates and top emojis used during the debate:
As the candidates argued and gave dissenting opinions, Tweeps joined in by either giving their support for their bets while others voiced their dismay. Here were some of the top Tweets during the debate:


#Debate2019 on Twitter
 The senatoriables were put on the hot seat during the first part of the debate as seasoned journalists served as panelists who threw questions on relevant national and political issues, and grilled the candidates on their competencies and track records. Tweeps applauded them for their straightforwardness.

At the second part of the debate, the candidates had a face-off with one another. They were given the chance to explain their stand on certain issues. As the debate intensified, Tweeps shared their reactions and vent their emotions as the candidates grilled fellow senatoriables.

Viewers of the GMA Senatorial Face-off expressed their delight to what they consider a well-researched program.

In case you missed last night’s debate, you can also see how it unfolded on Twitter from this Twitter Moments. Don’t forget to share your thoughts by using the hashtag #Debate2019#Eleksyon2019, and other related hashtags.

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