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Herbert Hernandez, executive creative director, parts ways with Y&R Philippines

MANILA — Herbert Hernandez has resigned from Y&R Philippines where he has served as Executive Creative Director since 2012. 

Hernandez has also worked at DM9 where he won Bronze and Silver Lions at the 2010 and 2011 Cannes Lions Festival respectively. He has also gained a Gold Araw for Excellence in Idea, Strategy, and Performance in the 22nd Philippine Advertising Congress. His team at the agency led DM9 to become the Philippines’ Agency of the Year in the Campaign Brief rankings. 

Before he moved to DM9, he worked as art director at JWT Manila, creating ads for clients like Red Horse Beer, Ford, Knorr, Kitkat, Visine, Bactidol, Close Up, Shell, and others. He is also a guitarist and composer for OPM bands Moonstar88 and 6CycleMind. He is one of the founders of Lakihan Mo Logo, a venue for advertising professionals who perform music to play and have an outlet for their craft and skill. 


At Y&R Philippines, Hernandez had a hand as executive creative director in producing the ‘Facebook Memories’ campaign for RockEd Manila which was shortlisted in the Media Lions this year at Cannes as well as the Bronze Lion-winning campaign, ‘Liter Lottery’ for Chevron Philippines. 

Y&R Philippines CEO Randy Aquino had words of encouragement for his former colleague, saying, “As I mentioned in my goodbye note to him, ‘…it was short and sweet with a dash of rock and roll.’ I didn’t have the chance to work with him long but I did catch a glimpse of his creative talent but I do know that Herbert produced a lot great work in the five (5) years he was with Y&R. It was sad to see him go but how does one stop a person who has a dream to fulfill. We do wish him well.”

Hernandez also gave his statement and a preview on his next move, “right now, I’m just overwhelmed that my agency, client and industry friends are so supportive of my decision. Their kind words make me more passionate to start up my own agency, doing all i can to make it successful. This same passion will be the driving force of the agency. Hopefully we’ll have a place, and make a bit of difference, in the industry.”

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