MANILA – Rotary Club of Makati Southeast (RCMSE) has partnered with Lowe Philippines to launch Love Your Boobs, as part of its medical outreach program. The cheekily-themed campaign aims to build awareness of regular breast self-examinations among young women.
The campaign icon – a heart shape illustrating ‘Love Your Boobs’ – will be featured prominently in upcoming online campaigns, as well as on educational posters, and merchandise to raise funds for RCMSE’s breast self-examination seminars. 

Sue Villa Sta. Maria, Immediate Past District Governor & Club Advisor at RCMSE explained: “The Philippines has the highest rate of breast cancer in Asia. While older women might be aware of the need for early detection of breast cancer, it can be far from the minds of women in their 20s.Early detection can help save lives. One of the tools that can lead to early detection is regular breast self-examination.”
Leigh Reyes, President & CCO at Lowe Philippines added: “We wanted to communicate this important message, in a fun, cheeky way. Young women in their 20s are figuring out careers, passions in life, relationships, their personal style and appearance. At this age, when you look at your boobs in the mirror, you’re most likely not checking for signs of cancer. You’re checking how you look in your workout gear.With this campaign, we’re saying you can still have fun, with healthy checks as part of your routine too.”
The campaign started in April 2014 and will run throughout summer break. The project includes additional creative support from Lowe Thailand.



Loreleigh S. Obed – Club President
Sue Villa Sta. Maria – Immediate Past District Governor & Club Advisor
Techie de la Cruz – Charter President
Merle de Asis – Vice President
President-Elect – Gloria Yutani
President-Nominee – Vivien Rios-Carmona
President Nominee-Designate- Erick Pizarro
Past Presidents – Marycris Oplas, Mayet Ramos, Rosemarie Halpin
Leigh Reyes – President & Chief Creative Officer
Eric Yeo – Chief Creative Officer
Mario Serrano – Creative Director
Jennel David – Art Director
Jacqueline Rufener – Copy Writer
Annika Sta. Maria – Senior Account Manager