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Mare Nostrum | Series of watercolors – Daniel da Hora of DH,LO

Over the years of visiting the European continent, whether on business or leisure, the Mediterranean has always been a meeting point for Daniel da Hora. Meeting with friends from the industry; meeting new people, new cultures and new possibilities. But above all, a meeting with himself, because the sea was always part of his routine, born in Recife, a seaside town in Northeast Brazil. Originally used as a Roman name for the Mediterranean, in the series “Mare Nostrum” Daniel tries to rescue his memories of the sea, with its textures, color variations and different states. Attending the Cannes Lions Festival for several years, Daniel has been a featured speaker at the festival for three times. His participation at the event, every year, are always your closest contact with the Mediterranean.

Daniel da Hora is a designer and Art Director. Founder and Chief Creative Officer at DH,LO Creative Boutique, has in parallel to this a consolidated career as a fine artist. He has participated in several exhibitions, both individual and collective, in Brazil and abroad, in countries such as Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, the United States and France. His work permeates various techniques, from drawing, to painting, to image relations with photography technologies and digital manipulation. In the United States, he has already exhibited in New York and Los Angeles, and has works in private collections in Brazil and abroad.


The series “Mare Nostrum” has exhibitions scheduled for 2018. The works can be purchased directly with the artist (contacts by email

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