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#SMA2019 Announcing Chairperson David Haddad for Singapore Media Awards 2019, Themed ‘THIS IS MEDIA!’

Shining a spotlight on the media industry in Singapore and highlighting the wonderful talent and work within it.

The 4As Singapore is delighted to announce that David Haddad, CEO IPG Mediabrands Singapore, has been appointed to the role of Chairperson for the Singapore Media Awards (SMA) 2019.

With 17 years industry experience, Haddad had led UM Sydney prior to relocating to Singapore in 2016 to head the IPG Mediabrands operation including agencies UM, Initiative and Reprise.


Making a strong impact in the Singapore market, Haddad is an active member of the 4A’s and was recognised in Campaign Asia’s 40 under 40 after his first year at the helm of Mediabrands.

Haddad has revealed the theme for the SMA 2019 as ‘THIS IS MEDIA!’

This year’s SMA theme encourages agencies to enter campaigns that truly encapsulate the craft of media, and exactly what media can achieve for clients by positively shifting marketing and business results.

The theme has been set with the intention of shining a spotlight on the media industry and a desire to celebrate the great work produced by industry professionals. Haddad commented, “We come to work each day with the single task of helping our clients achieve their outcomes. Each year the landscape in which we operate continues to evolve and challenge us in achieving that task. This year the SMA will recognise agencies, individuals, clients and partners who have used media to create effective and memorable campaigns.”

With a long history of celebrating the media industry in Singapore, the SMA 2019 will provide a platform for agencies, clients and media partners to share their best work from the year. In doing so, Haddad hopes the SMA 2019 will attract new prospects (talent and clients) to the industry through showcasing effective and engaging campaign work.

Haddad commented, “We’re a professional services industry with a strong backbone and heritage in connecting brands with audiences and consumers. With so many ways to exist in the media industry today, whatever your expertise, the SMA is a place where everyone in the industry has a voice and a platform. If your work is the best, it will be celebrated and part of the Singapore media industry showcase for 2019. THIS IS MEDIA!”

He continues, “Everyone who works in the media industry wants to win and be on-stage at the SMA. There is nothing quite like that feeling of hearing your campaign and agency name called-out as a winner. We want to celebrate those teams, agencies and their client’s work, as the shining beacon and example of what the media industry is all about, and importantly what the media industry can do for marketing and business results.”

The SMA 2019 will soon announce the call for entry date, awards categories and the event evening itself. It is expected that over 500 people from across the industry will attend the awards evening. “The night itself is always fun and a great opportunity to connect with colleagues and partners from across the industry” commented Haddad.

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