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The Life Drawing Setup returns this February

MANILA – The Life Drawing Setup is back this February 11, Saturday at 7-12mn still at Warehouse 8, La Fuerza in Chino Roces, Makati City! This time, attracting more crowd for young and veteran artists in fine arts and design.

TLDS, as it is commonly called, is organized by WHOAREMARO is a two-man team of visual artists who makes and markets events for the local art scene.

This nude figure drawing event is consisting of back-to-back male and female posing sessions accompanied by live electronic music performances and liquor and coffee.


For this upcoming one, an extended time for poses is given to the models, paving augmented period for artists.

But how does the whole set up work?

Each model will be in the middle of a circular audience while they are performing a variety of poses and holding it for a different set of times (like 2 minute poses, 10 minute poses, etc.) for a total of 90 minutes per model. The drawing sessions would be accompanied by live electronic music performances, drinks like specialty coffee and liquor, and booths where original merchandise from local independent artists could be purchased.

The event was first conjured up when we were coming up with ideas on how to give our fellow artists more excuses to go out to make friends in social events. Weirdly enough nude figure drawing events – events that usually take place in major artistic cities around the world – didn’t exist around Manila, or at least we haven’t heard of them. We want to further bond the local artist community comprised of art students, professionals, curious aspirants, veterans, and people who just want to hang out and experience the community for fun. We love art and the art community and want to contribute to it by making their own thing that people would get excited about.

Our goals are to excite continuous learning, to strengthen the creative community, and to promote independent creators. We try to achieve these in every project they do and this is no more prevalent in their first and most successful project so far: The Life Drawing Setup. The creative community is growing as more art centric events like these are sprouting out and being heard of. “What warms our hearts the most is when we get people into art because they’ve heard of our events”.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional artist or have been dabbling around with art or have never even considered yourself creative – if you’re interested in creating art or making friends in the artist community, WHOAREMARO is the team to go to.

If you’re interested attending WHOAREMARO events, would like to work with us to market or organise your events, or just want to say hi, shoot us an email at or check us out around social media.

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