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Turn your ideas into 3D with Shapecloud

MANILA – Shapecloud is Philippines’ first online 3D printing service that makes the creation process easy for anyone with an idea! At its foundation, the platform allows users to upload their 3D designs, have them 3D printed, and delivered right to their doorstep.

3D printing starts by utilizing 3D designs, to serve as a guide for our 3D printers to precisely layer down heated plastic material, until a physical version of what you see on the design is built up! All over the world, people have used 3D printing for different industries, to create scale models of buildings, product prototypes, personalized gifts, and so much more. Here at Shapecloud, we take pride in being able to work with users to help them better understand how the technology can play a role in what they’re trying to accomplish.


Starting from the comforts of your own home or office, registering an account on is completely free. Users will immediately be able to see the “upload” button on the home page, and once they’ve uploaded their 3D design, an email will follow when feedback or an approved quotation has arrived! At this point, you might be thinking “What if I’m not familiar with 3D design?”. What’s interesting about this is that there are a multitude of ways to create or find 3D designs outside of using traditional software (i.e. AutoCad, SketchUp, SolidWorks, etc.), and on the “design guide” portion of our website, users will be able to have a list of easy to use apps, tips for 3D design, and also a collection of free file marketplaces. These marketplaces make it easy for anyone to search up pre-made designs that can be quite specific to your needs.

We also emphasize that 3D design services are offered as well to our valued users. That said, if anyone had an idea to make something, even without a background in 3D design, or the time to search through a marketplace or explore an app, the Shapecloud team can definitely help with the design work!

A typical sized print can range from a few inches to over half a foot in height. However, the limitations are endless, and parts can easily be combined together to create much larger objects. Aside from size, another important aspect of 3D printing is the material used. Shapecloud primarily uses ABS plastic, which is the same type of plastic found in Lego! Interestingly enough, another plastic material commonly used is PLA, which is actually biodegradable! We carry different colors of the material, and users will be able to choose the color of plastic that they want their object printed in before finishing an order online. Lastly, finishing options are also available, if say the desired 3D print needs to be extra smooth, polished and painted, or detailed with multiple colors!

We provide end-to-end solutions using 3D printing, depending on the user’s need. Aside from the design and cloud-based printing, we also offer other services like 3D scanning, and mass production!

With the aim to also spread awareness of 3D printing within the country, Shapecloud has served as a resource speaker for events like “Philippines’ First 3D Printing Conference”, “Manufacturing World Expo”, “World of Consumer Electronics”, and many others, while also partnering with universities and businesses alike to help them leverage and understand the service better.

Since 2017, Shapecloud had also become an authorized seller of the Ultimaker 3D printer brand. These machines are arguably the #1 in terms of prosumer desktop 3D printers, winning a variety of global performance awards.

Shapecloud was built to provide a convenient avenue to have anything 3D printed, and converted from a file to physical object, whether for a 3D printed logo, a printed miniature of yourself, or to create the next big product to hit the market. The applications are endless, so why not explore, and learn more about how to start turning your ideas into a reality. This all begins with simply uploading a file, or contacting the team at

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