Adobo Plate 2009 sees action at ASCOM

The Philippines is the land of hoops, but being the contrarians that they are, advertising people prefer another kind of dribbling. With the feet.  Preferably, Kaka-style.

On November 14, the 2nd annual Adobo Plate tournament features even more players and more teams, all itching to get one or two past the keeper

Unlike last year where four agency teams plus one coalition team played, seven agencies are committed to play on the ASCOM field in Fort Bonifacio: DM9 JaymeSyfu, BBDO Guerrero/Proximity Philippines, Ace Saatchi & Saatchi, JWT, McCann Erickson and Publicis Manila.


The games are 5-a-side, round robin with the top four teams advancing to the semis.  Finals will played on the same day. 

With the Araw Awards entries now in the hands of the jury, these agencies can now concentrate on a more serious task at hand. The benches are reportedly quite deep, and save for the purist Saatchi team, all are drafting imports.  No different from your regular international league.

Last year’s champions, BBDO Guerrero/Proximity, has its job cut out for it. Suddenly, hunting Lions may seem a lot less challenging.

The games begin in ASCOM Field, Fort Bonifacio at 8:00am. See you there!

Teams and colors below:

DM9 (Yellow) : 
Caloy Sambrano, 
EJ Galang, 
Miko Quiogue, 
Ron Amador
, Allan Montayre, 
Jerry Hizon, 
Pinoy Reyes, 
Dee Taar
, Jonas Palabay, 
Edwin Casimero
, Ebong Joson – draft player

BBDO (Green) : 
David Guerrero, 
Simon Welsh, 
Sugar Perez
, Bixie Reyes, 
Rachel Teotico
, Dino Cabrera, 
Nikki del Carmen
, JP Loh
, Brandie Tan
, Fran Gonzalez
, Dale Lopez, 
Tet Suntay
, Jay Avellana–draft player
, Trina  Martirez–draft player
, Glenver Gregorio–draft player

Saatchi (Orange) : 
Bob Guerrero, 
Tony Sarmiento, 
Biboy Royong, 
Robert Achas, 
Jordan Santos, 
Carlos Domingo, 
Andy Tapang, 
Gabby Tripon, 
Raoul Floresca

Ogilvy (Red) : 
Raffy Castaneda, 
Arvin Sanchez
, Mike Garcia
, Mona Nazario
, Jason Drilon
, Isa Garcia
, Gabi Espaldon
, Eman Hernandez
, Aaron Mempin
, Ryan Raneses, 
Mike Sicam, 
Windel Hernandez, 
Marianne Flor, 
Mark Ibaviosa, 
Pepper Ferraren–draft player, 
Gary Gardoce–draft player
, Miguel de Leon–draft player

JWT (Blue)
 : Encanto, Katrina. 
Acosta, Pao. 
Alfonso, RJ. 
Cruz, Nina. 
Dehesa, Mark. 
Dy, Joe. 
Ferrer, Dave. 
Leonardo, Jojo. 
Lim, Danni. 
Ortega, Jos. 
Rojas, Niki. 
Zialcita, Maika. 
Tuason, Chinkay. 
Villanueva, Rachel. 
Yap, Paul-draft player. 
Saez, Jeff-draft player. 
Santillan, Ricky –draft player

Publicis (Grey) : 
Migs Siojo, 
Paolo Herras, 
Sonny Bautista, 
Mady Asis (3)
, Mondo Armedilla
, Pat Balo
, June Castelo
, Omar Risulmi
, Bryce Zialcita
, Xavier Pales
, Leona Bedonia, 
Abi Capa, 
Cat Velayo, 
Karl Claudio
, Lala Maniquis
, Patrick Tolentino, 
Ace Ballesteros
, Rey Tolentino, 
Anton Gregory
, Joaqui Laurel

McCann (Black) : 
Celine Lopez, 
Carlos Domingue, Stevie del Rosario, 
Meng Orozco
, Erik Belbis
, Dino Laurena, 
Migs Guttierez, 
Chino Jayme
, Miguel Mercado –draft player
, Sam Alapan–draft player
, JP Bautista–draft player
, Miguel Ramos–draft player
, Miguel Quesada– draft player

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