CANNES -- Another young Filipino creative will head to Cannes to join the Young Lions Film Competition. Lance Christopher C. Francisco, Art Director, from Publicis Jimenezbasic won one of two winning slots in the Young Lions Bumper Hack Competition.

Francisco will join Vittorio Perotti, Designer & Art Director from Sagmeister & Walsh, Italy to form a team to compete in the Young Lions Film Competition. The winning Bumper Hack films will be featured at the YouTube Beach during the Festival.

The Young Lions Bumper Hack Competition powered by YouTube aimed to inspire creatives and professionals working in advertising agencies around the world to create the most unique and inspiring bumper ads. It challenged competitors to see the possibilities of six-second ads. This competition will have 40 teams of two in contention over 48 hours with one live brief to be given during the Festival.

This year, the brief for the bumper competition was to produce a series of six-second bumper ads to tell a story of “a note to your future self”. Francisco’s work entitled “Untitled” showed the work, demands, and pressures creatives face everyday and turned these experiences into inspiration to remind him and creatives like him why they chose to be in their professions.

The Young Lions Film Competition will take place over the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity taking place from June 17-24, 2017.

Here’s to another young Filipino talent making waves in the international scene!

Watch his work here:

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