Hit me with your best shot: adobo Hits takes off

MANILA – In the quest for new channels for music and content that is unique from what we receive on a daily basis, Hit Productions and Lakihan Mo Logo knew that they had to create something different from the rest.

Renowned recording studio Hit Productions has been a popular choice for people in the advertising and recording industries for years and a staunch advertiser of adobo magazine since its inception in 2006. “We appreciate the support we’ve received from their print advertising over the past 10 years but it was high time we came up with an ad execution that would showcase what Hit Productions was all about, which is their superior sound quality and world-class recording studios. And we knew that the only way to do that is to come up with video content for release on our online platforms,” recalls Janelle Squires, COO of adobo magazine.

Thus, the quest for the perfect video content was short and sweet, ending serendipitously during adobo magazine‘s Mad About Awards party in June 2016. Hit Productions Chairman and CFO Salito Malca saw the lineup of bands that provided the music and was intrigued by the concept. Each of the performing bands were part of the Lakihan Mo Logo team.


“Mike Villegas of Hit Productions called us to collab with them,” shares Lakihan Mo Logo founder and Y&R Philippines Executive Creative Director Herbert Hernandez. “Apparently, adobo magazine and Hit Productions have been planning to showcase Hit’s expertise through video. We suggested to not only make the video, but also record it as an album so that Hit and adobo will get their video at the same time we will be able to produce an album. It was a win-win situation. In just two months, 11 agency bands from 14 agencies were able to produce an actual album!”

Each of the bands under the Lakihan Mo Logo banner included musicians who came from different advertising agencies. It didn’t hurt either that the bands actually sounded good and provided a rocking atmosphere for the adobo party.

For his part, Hit Productions President and Managing Partner Vic Icasas lauded how seamless the collaboration was. “Lakihan Mo Logo was a natural choice for Hit to partner with as it allows us to showcase the creative talents of our agency friends but this time featuring their own personal art, captured at one of the best recording spaces in the country,” he says.

“Lakihan Mo Logo was already on our seventh year and the team was really dreaming of having an album since day one,” Hernandez, himself a musician, states. “So this project was really a big step for us. This led the team to be signed under Warner Music Philippines. I think, it’s the first time for the Philippine advertising industry (if not worldwide). What started as a side passion turned into a profession, giving advertising people two vocations that balance each other out. These advertising bands have become legit recording artists! How cool is that?!”

These bands and their respective members are:

The Meaningful Band with Migi de Belen (Copywriter), Claud Rodriguez (UX Designer), Tim Yumul (Art Director), Pasas Castro (Copywriter), Ley Quizon (Director of Digital Design), Omeng Garcia (Account Director, Havas Sports Entertainment), Larry Cayco (Senior Art Director), Pillar Dollano (Associate Creative Director)

So 90s It Hurts with Dale Lopez (ECD, BBDO), Rey Tiempo (ECD, Dentsu Jayme Syfu), and Ino Magno (Producer, Just Add Water)

Pasok Mga Buwitre! with Dale Lopez (ECD, BBDO), Rey Tiempo (ECD, Dentsu Jayme Syfu), James Bernardo (ECD, Havas), Tony Sarmiento (Chief Creative Officer, Havas), Bogey Bernardo (CD, Vitamin B), and Raffy Francisco (Director, 88storeyfilms)

Advertising Band of the Philippines with JP Cuison (Associate Creative Director, PJB) and Apol Sta. Maria (CD, Dentsu Jayme Syfu)

Two Hit Combo with Nikki Paqueo (PJB) and Chino Jose (Beginning Communications Inc.)

TAO with Angelo Estrella (AD, Campaigns & Grey), Bheng Densing (AD, Harrison), and Noel Bermejo (ECD, McCann Worldgroup)

Shoulder State with Rio Vargas (Associate Creative Director, Bates), and Chino Jayme (CD, TBWA\SMP)

Halik ni Gringo with Rio Vargas (Bates Chi & Partners), Joaquin Acosta (ABS-CBN), and SpiderDan Geronimo (IXM)

The Riot Act with Ryan Tabag (Copywriter, Geometry Global)

Assembly Generals with Paolo Toledo (CD, PJB)

SYKE+ with Mechael Jullen Besinga (Senior Art Director, McCann Worldgroup), Rio Vargas (Bates CHI & Partners), Gogie Sinson (CD, Dentsu Jayme Sfyu), DJ Maniq (Creative Designer, FrancisM. Clothing), and Michael Dolero (Previously from UGL)

To be known as “adobo Hits,” a series of music videos featuring these musicians from Lakihan Mo Logo with music recorded at Hit Productions will be released through adobomagazine.com and can be accessed through the website and its social media channels.

“In this series of videos we hope to not only share their work with adobo‘s readers, but to give them a look inside our own facilities, a taste of the quality of our audio production and an appreciation of our ability to help creatives amplify their musical ideas and turn them into reality,” Icasas points out.

In addition, he states, “We’re proud of Studio H because we feel it is one of the best sounding rooms in the country. The acoustics of the room were designed by American acoustician Rod Gervais, who worked on the legendary Power Station (now known as Avatar) recording studio in the US. Our in house composing team has used Studio H to record full bands, string and horn sections, pianists, guitarists, and vocalists for hundreds of commercials since we built the room in 2010. Studio H has also played host to outside clients, most recently to 5 time Grammy winning superproducers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis (Janet Jackson, Usher, George Michael) as well as Grammy winning singer/actor Michael Bolton.”

The album’s debut single “May Opening Ba D’yan?” by the Advertising Band of the Philippines was launched on January 20, 2017 and it topped the Spotify’s Philippines Viral 50 charts in just the first week of its release. Now, you can actually see the musicians behind the music as well as listen to the tracks.

“I’ve been a recording artist for 18 years with Moonstar88 and 6cyclemind,” says Hernandez. “I know the benefit of having passion outside advertising. It made me more passionate to do my daily work. And I know more people will be inspired to stay in our industry if they know that advertising is not a hindrance to pursue their passion. This industry requires you to pursue your passion to be more creative. We are sending a good message to the young creatives and making the industry more attractive to them.”

For daily updates on their single releases and bar tours and gigs, follow them on their Facebook and Twitter @lakihanmologo

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